Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am far too pleased with myself with this pattern and tooling.  It hasn't been easy but it's mostly turning out the way that I had planned with little change from the original drawing.  The only problems I have come across while tooling this piece is my own physical limitations.  I can't tool all day because my hand starts locking up and my shoulder sort of spasms when I sleep.  This is typical though because I baby my shoulder a bit and should work it more. 

Because of that though, I am being more careful with my tooling in that when the hand gets tired, I quit.  Sometimes in the past, I'd tool even though my hand spasmed and that would lead to the tool slipping or I wouldn't have as much control as I'd like.

When I can't tool anymore I've been working on a matching bridle or trying to learn how to make a "long" turks head knot to use on my braided resins.

Thanksgiving was a bitter sweet time.. we haven't quite figured out how to act as a family yet without dad.  We're getting there though..

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