Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holidays and everything..


Fender Drawing in Progress

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am now the Age of "the answer to life the universe and everything".  YEs, thats right, I'm 29 again hehehehe..  My birthday was wonderful and peaceful, full of good food that hubby cooked, and hugs and snuggles from my son as well as a copious amount of studio time.  Also, all of the wonderful people that said Happy Birthday to me on facebook.  That is always a humbling experience..  I always feel so grateful that anyone remembered at all, let alone all the people that typed it on facebook..  I do have "issues" with having a birthday around a holiday but I'll save that for another time. (don't EVEN wrap my birthday presents in christmas paper! LOL)  They get less important though as I get older..

Still plugging away on my saddle set and for whatever reason it's going slowly.  My brain is flying and the pattern isn't what I really want it to be but I think it's going to look good when I'm done. I've finally started on the tooling pattern drawing for the fenders.  Yesterday I spent at least an hour or more trying to draw the leaves the right way so that they would be "Sheridan Style" but I"m having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.  I have tons of reference books on the subject but I guess sometimes I just can't focus.  I think that sometimes I could probably get a life sized tooling pattern, or a 1/2 sized tooling pattern and shrink it and use it but to my "Fine arts trained" brain that's cheating and I won't do it... at least this time...  I have a really bad habit of putting "rules" to things and making everything as hard as possible. I have no idea why...

 The Black spot on the skirt above and the tool marks won't show because the saddle tree is going to cover those areas.  In fact, you probably won't see most of that tooling unless you hold it in your hand and look very closely.  When I make a saddle, I make it and tool it as if it were going to be taken apart.  Thinking to myself that hoepfully, if someone does take one of my sets apart, they won't see shortcuts taken.   I'm hoping that they will instead comment on how I'm a bit of a nut and I tooled places that I didn't have to :0) .   Straps holding D rings, Fender Straps, insides of stirrups..etc..  I feel a sense of completion when I do these things..  Like something is done "Right"... There was a time that I was a "shortcut lovin fool" but now, not so much...

I miss my dad a lot around this time of the year.  His birthday is New Years eve so at home when I was young, we had a lot of celebrating to do...(My birthday, the 22nd of Dec, christmas, and then my dad's bday)  My mom was an excellent baker, being brought up poor on a farm, so the cakes were always made from scratch and had her own orange sugar icing.  Not orange in color but citrus/orange in flavor.  He really loved traditions and christmas.  Sometimes that made things stressful and awkward because of his larger than life personality but it was always nice at the end because we had all made an effort to get along and get together..

Wherever you spend whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope that you're with folks you love and who love you :-)

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