Sunday, January 20, 2013

New and Improved!

This is is a photo of the Fenders in progress for the western pleasure set I am making.  It's moving along like I wanted although the finished product will be a surprise.  The silver that I'm planning on making is the first time I've made such large plates.  I'm looking forward to makaing everything on this set though, including the bridle!

This is the new and improved part.  I've been reading on the web how to make one's blog more interesting.  One of the tips was "Fantastic Content".  Although I'm not entirely sure that I personally can come up with fantastic content, I am at least going to try to make the blog more interesting.

Drawing inspiration from Sarah Minkiewicz Bruenig; I've decided to share with you some of the reference materials I use very often.

First up are my saddle books.  The best book I've ever read/seen for making a saddle is the Saddle Construction and Restoration Techniques.  Not only does it contain information and photos on building a saddle from scratch, there are even patterns that I can shrink down. (In a couple of cases they're already the right scale)  I've learned a lot about saddle pattern making and making saddles from this little book.

The "Saddles" book is a recent purchase.  For a long time I have been looking for more information on the actual rigging of the older saddles and the mother hubbard saddles.  I "winged" the saddles that I made based on recreations of old saddles.  After buying this book I found that I had made the rigging correctly. (WHEW!)  Also included in this book are saddles from all eras and the history of saddles.  I found it very helpful and educational and I got it for a great price on ABE Books.

The Sheridian Style Tooling book is really educational for learning how to tool in sheridan style.  It has many inspirational photos as well as an actual step by step tutorial.  This is a book that I never get tired of looking through.

The last book, "restoring vintage western saddles" is a recently released book.  This book was written by the famous saddle restor-er and saddle maker Alain Eon.  There are photos in this book of saddles being taken apart, step by step, and then cleaned, repaired, oiled and put back together again.  I can't wait to start on a vintage saddle by drawing inspiration from this book.

So there you have it, these are currently my four favorite western saddle making books!

I'm planning on doing some posts about the books I use for braiding and books I use for making other kinds of tack.  Eventually I'll probably go through catalogs too.

Hope you enjoyed this!


timaru star ii said...

Wow Heather it looks fantastic! I'm gonna love seeing it up close... I only have 1 of your 4 impressive inspirational books. Maybe for birthday...

TMC said...

I do love reading your blog, whether you think it has "fantastic content" yet or not. :)