Friday, October 16, 2009


Well.. I have to say that today I'm very "pleased"! I finished the headstall for Morgen K.'s bridle and I'm onto the reins. There will also be a tiedown to match. I think this is the first or perhaps only the second "futurity" knot headstall that I've made so I'm happy with the way it turned out. Morgen seems to like it too

Also, I am now gainfully employed! I start on monday. Bad for Miniatures but good for bills!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

another quick update!

Here is a quick update on the latest bridle that I'm working on. It is for Morgen K. to fit her Hazel resin. Seriously, if you even remotely like her, get one. She's super cool and performance friendly and the longer I have Hazel on my workbench the more I like her!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Not much to say... still working in the studio..

I've been incredibly distracted lately.. not by anything "good" either. It's been an emotional hike over the last two weeks personally and I feel "wrecked" and raw. But somehow in these moments I feel more creative. I think its the extreme in feeling of emotions (any kind of emotion, good or bad) that pushes me to be more creative and to really feel what I'm making.

I know, strange words coming from someone who makes little saddles and bridles but as you probably know by now, I consider my work, bonafide art and craft. :-)

There is an excellent series produced by PBS called "Craft in America". Season 1 was extremely inspiring to me and season two so far has made me feel the same. Since I Never seem to find time (or a justifiable reason, other than "I just want to")to actually mingle with artists locally this is the next best thing for me...

The frog above was hand made by an artist at the St James Court Art Show. I am in love with him and I'd LOVE to know the name of the artist. She walked away after I asked if I could photo him and went behind her booth. (couldn't find any business cards either : /)If you know who made this wonderful guy, please please drop me a line because I'd LOVE to give her credit! The details are inspiring and admirable all at once and I have a window seat in the studio that he'd look fantastic sitting in :-)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bridle Finished!

This is the Finished Bridle for the Trade with A.V. There is still a breastcollar to match it to do but that'll have to wait a bit as I have another project to start today!
I redid one or two of the knots because they didn't have quite the right shape and I managed to make the knot on the connector smaller than on my blue and black bridle. (which means that I'll have to redo the knot on the blue and black bridle )