Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miniature Halter For sale

The halter below is for sale for $170ppd. I know that right now isn't a great time to sell anything so I can do half down and the rest due within $30 days. Let me know if you're interested!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished Halter!

Here are photos of the latest finished miniature western show halter.. more later when I have time!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Above are photos of my most recent model horse purchase. It is the Set that Susan Bensema Young made for my close friend, Anna Tackett.

Anna's life has changed , and she is no longer active in the model horse hobby. I find this to be very unfortunate because through the model horse hobby we became friends. She was my "Live show" buddy for many many years and it is in fact because of her that I started Showing at all.

We are still close friends though, and she even got a job recently in the same building as me! (I'm on the second floor and she is on the third). It's incredible that I get to see and go to lunch with one of my best friends as often as I'd like!

Years ago, Anna comissioned this set from Susan. We knew, when susan was done, that the set would be spectacular. We had no idea how beautiful it would really be.. Above is the set that Anna received and I've coveted it and learned from it ever since. Anna showed the set to many local show wins and to a couple of top ten and championships at the North American Model Horse Nationals.

Whenever I needed inspiration or a kick in the butt, I would look at photos of it.

This year Anna wrote me and said she was selling the set and gave me "dibbs". She was kind enough to allow me to make payments on it over a couple of months and in November, I paid it off. It's been with me in my studio, waiting for me to take photos of it. I can barely keep my hands off it but I'm so happy it's mine!

A few saturdays ago, I talked with Susan about the set. She said that if anna had to sell it, she was very happy it was going to me because it would be appreciated. It definitely is. Above are some big photos of it so that I can share this wonderful masterpiece.

Enjoy :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Right Quick!

A couple of months ago, my computer hard drive completely tanked. The bad news is that all of my email, email address books and all of RJ's pictures are inaccessible for now. The good news is that I now know to back up my hard drive and we bought a One Terrabyte external drive to house everything. I'm hoping that the photos and message stores are not lost, they're just on the horked hard drive. Hopefully I'll be able to slave that hard drive onto another PC and access it at least long enough to move it to the Big external hard drive.

This means a lot of messages were lost (I had messages saved from 2001 - no lie) and a lot of email addresses were lost. IF you read this and I had promised you a donation of some sort please email me again at

I AM hoping to do a Donation again for the North American Model Horse Nationals this year (if they'll have me)and I will be donating something cool to Model Horses Anonymous live.

And yes, "computers" is what I do for a living and Yes, I feel like a moron for not backing up my drive. Lesson learned :-)

I have been working away in the studio, bit by bit and I will have new pictures up soon. I'm 3/4ths of the way finished with the halter that will be for sale. I also bought a brand new piece of tack for my Miniature Tack Collection from my Dear Friend Anna Tacket. It is a Susan Bensema Young Set and I have taken pictures of it that I will share here :-)

RJ's 3rd Birthday party is next weekend! And he officially turns 3 on December 11. I Can't believe he's already that old. He is also fiercely independant (wonder where he gets that from).. very much the "I can do it myself" kind of little guy. I'm pretty proud of him!

Well, thats it for now, more soon, HAPPY SATURDAY!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

centimeter by centimeter

Some quick photos!

The first photo is of an in progress western show halter with braided turks head knots. I decided to do it in a really basic color so that it would match any setup.

THe bridle belongs to Chelsea Nichols in trade for some paintwork.. There will eventually be a breastcollar and saddle to match! I'm lovin that black and turquoise!

The next two photos are of AMAZINGLY fine hand woven ropes by Emma Harrison... they were a gift and are very treasured :0)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

another quickie update!

All of the "levels" in my blood came back normal. No thyroid issues, no low white blood cell - everything is normal. Except for my cold, I've actually felt a bit better. So maybe it was hormones and hopefully a passing thing? One can hope.. still I'll be talking with the dr for more answers.

Just for everyone's info, I am working on an ISH sized western braided knot show halter that I'll have for sale in the near future. As soon as I can get it finished. I'll also have some in progress photos of a saddle set I'm working on :-)

Thank you so much for everyone's well wishes and stories and encouragement. Means a lot to me that I'm not alone :0)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small Update

I went, this past thursday, to the Dr. They took some blood and I have another appt in two weeks. The "Guess" is anywhere from Anemia, to hormones. All I know is that I'm tired. SO tired.. And no amount of napping or rest fixes it. Yesterday I went for my usual walk and finished in a personal best time. Today I went for a walk and I felt like I wasn't going to make it home. I didn't even do my usual distance. So something is definitely wrong but I don't know what that is. Hopefully though it's something easily fixable with modern medicine :0)

Unfortunately my studio time has been totally Nill. I get in the studio and I do one or two very small things and then I can't focus and I am too tired to do more. Sooo frustrating.. And I'm so forgetful now. I forget moment to moment sometimes what I was doing. I'm sure they're about to shoot me at work.. LOL! And poor anthony.. he deals with aging parents AND me..

Thanks for everyone's kind words! I'll get to the bottom of this and be back in the studio in no time!

Next update will include the most amazing twisted ropes from Ms Emma Harrison herself all of the way from england!! I was so shocked and thrilled when I received them in the mail. THANK YOU EMMA!!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

an "Ive been sick" post. and some TB photos that I've taken in honor of BC Saturday

Alysheba at the Kentucky Horse park


Above is Aleysheba in 2008 when he first returned to the horsepark. RIP old guy..

The reason I've been so absent from the studio and the blog is that I've been "sick". I don't know exactly what is wrong but I've been exhausted. To the point of just sitting in the studio, staring at my desk and unable to concentrate at night. My weekends have been busy but in my downtime all I do is sit or sleep. I'm going to the drs this Thursday to see if I can't get an explanation or at least a plan to have more energy. I've also had.. uhh.. ahem, female issues since February of this year that relate to hormones which is another reason why I've been tired. I've been told it's my age (Not revealing that.. LOL!) and how the body changes as it gets older. bleah.

Anyway, thats why I haven't posted or produced much. The past couple of months have felt like I'm running through thick mud up to my waist... I still try to exercise but thats been a casualty of my lack of energy as well and I'm putting on weight which is super irritating after I worked so hard to lose the baby weight and then some.

There are people that I really need to catch up with and that I've missed and that I'm worried about.

There are studio projects that are now a year over due and I'm so sorry but I swear that I'll do my best to make them worth the wait.

I actually had been feeling better this year than I have in a long time over all but I'm just getting my butt kicked right now.

Onto something a tad more interesting, the Breeders Cup is this weekend! Once again I didn't score tickets but I swear one year, Me and some friends are going to get together, pool our resources, get a box and go to churchill to watch the races in style! Then I'll rent one of those giganta lenses and get some great shots. I like the idea that I'll be in a dress and a hat but handling some serious camera equipment.. LOL!

And I just wanna say, that YES I am a Rachel Alexandra fan but TODAY I am a ZENYATTA FAN! GO QUEEN Z~!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Far too long!

Gah! It's been forever since I posted! My apologies for that. LOTS going on.. Every weekend this month has been packed with either work or horsie goodness. I've also been extremely tired so my studio time has been very very limited. Above though is a photo of my latest piece for Kelli. It is a matching breastcollar for the Bosalita that I made a little while back for Model Horses Anonymous. MOre when I get time!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

FInished Donation REins

Finished Donation Reins for Kylee Deemer's Live show, Cookeville Classic Live, in Cookeville Tn. This will be my first show in 2years and Im soooo looking forward to going!!

These reins were made from artificial rawhide (both black and natural) using a four strand round braid. The knots are turks head knots (4 bight, 5 part and 6 bight 7 part) with some herringbone interweave. The smaller knots are spanish ring knots of two passes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More photos of stuff in the studio!

I'm very fond of taking pictures of pieces when I have more than one hanging out in the studio. I'm fortunate enough to have enough buyers that pieces do not stick around very long so I try to get photos of groups as often as I can.

The first photo is of a green bosal that I made last year. It is now owned by Susan parker and I'm in the middle of making a mecate for it. The second photo is of a mecate that I had intended to go with the green bosal but it is too short!

The third photo is a detail photo of Alicia Vogel's Breastcollar.

THe fourth photo is of the donation reins for Kylee Deemers Cookeville Classic Live show.

The last photo is all of the together with an American Quarter thrown in for scale.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have finally finished, to my satisfaction, the breastcollar for alicia vogel's bridle. It's going to be a beautiful set when together and I really admire her color choice! This was a trade for a jennifer buxton dressage saddle.. which will be a nice addtion to my tack collection

I am finding myself in need of a bit of cash so I'm going to try to produce a few small things, like halters, to raise some capital.. I'm open to ideas.. so stay tuned!

Monday, August 23, 2010

quick update!

Much success abounded in the studio this past weekend.. I'm really making headway and it feels so good!!! above are the revised in progress photos of the reins set for Kylee Deemers Cookeville Classic Live in Cookeville Tennessee in Oct.

More as pieces are completed!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

quick blather..

Not much progress in the studio this past week or weekend unfortunately - despite my enthusiasm to get up there! Haven't been feeling well and thats kept me out..

Above is a photo of kylie deemers donation for cookville classic live in october. I can't decided whether or not the braiding is done, and I know I need to redo the "popper".

I had started on the centerpiece (Finally!) for alicia vogel's breastcollar but I mapped out the pattern incorrectly. I have a new plan brewing in the ole noggin though and I'm hoping I feel well enough to get up in the studio today and get the pattern done and onto silver!

Lastly, I'm very very slowly uploading my NAN and Breyerfest photos to webshots. I think though I'll have to break out the performance photos and the halter photos because I have a limit of 1000 photos on webshots and I tool well over that number..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Soul Renewal Time aka NAN 2010

Reserve Champion of the Very Tough Original Finish Arabian Costume Class owned by my friend Karen J. Bridle Setup by me, Saddle by Lisa Salamandick

One of the halters That I made for Last Year's NAN Auction donation.

My buddy, Karen J's entry in Showmanship. Halter by me!
Above set is the "mother hubbard II" set owned by Robin Smith

Above set was donated a few years ago to a show. I don't know who owns it now. So if it's yours please speak up! :-)

A few things..
First NAN stands for North American Model Horse Nationals. I do not know why its not NAMHN instead of just NAN but it wasn't my call :0)

Secondly, "Breyerfest" is not just for kids, or just model horse people or just for Breyer Horses. I don't know why it's not called "Model Horse Fest" but again, not my call ;o)

The NAN show is held the days leading up to Breyerfest. Usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the same week that Breyerfest is held. It is held in Kentucky Every OTHER year instead of every year so that the west coast or western half of the united states doesn't have to drive 20 hours to get to NAN every year. Next year it'll be in Tucson Arizona, which is very tempting because I love all things western. (or at least I think I do without ever having been in the western States like Arizona. I was in TX a couple of times.. does that count?)

Model horse Showing is like Model Train Showing, only with horses and size restrictions for the amount of room a display can take up.

LSQ stands for "Live Show Quality" means that the tack, or dolls or paint job on the horse would compete well at a live show. (and that statement is very dicey so I'll leave it as is)

When at a "regular" live show, the first and second place finishing set up or horses (in the case of just "Halter")are given NAN cards which means that the horse and setup are eligible for entering that Year and the next year's NAN show.

And before you ask, Yes, the Judging is HIGHLY subjective. (That'll be for another post sometime.. maybe.. if I'm brave)There are no real specific standards other than "breed" standards in the case of halter and "safety" and "realism" standards in the case of "peformance".

Ok, now that the above is out of the way, onto the happy parts about how wonderful the show was this year!!

I "Forgot" to go to a live model horse show over the past two years. Last year I didn't have a job and I didn't feel right about traveling and staying in a hotel without having a job to pay for it so I stayed home. The year before, I was pregnant. And I know that a lot of women travel when they're pregnant but not me. I'm a wuss... I was sick most of the time anyway..

Because of this, I didn't have any horses qualified for this year's show. Luckily I have the worlds greatest friends because My Buddy, Karen J, paid the "Helper" fee and I was able to go hang out with her and everyone else at the show :-) I saw and met a lot of wonderful people in person and they were were all warm and friendly.. It was nice to put actual faces to online names :-)

I took a metric ton of pictures. it's going to take me at least a week to go through all of them and properly tweak them. Above are just a few "Highlights" with some horses using DNC (Desert Night Creations aka me) tack. As I go through and post my NAN photos, I'll be putting a few up.

All of the entries were really, really, competitive and I can see from those entries that I need to step up my game quite a bit with the tackmaking. I have been slow and haven't spent enough time in the studio to further my silversmithing skills and I'm really regretting that now. The whole show was so inspiring in so many ways and I'm so glad that I was able to go!!

I'm happy to say that My and Sue's collaboration bridle brought $335 at the NAN donation Auction and we couldn't be happier! Even though sue wasn't at NAN this year, I called her right after the auction to tell her the great news! She seemed as happy as me about it so I hope that it made her day!

Well thats it for now.. more in the near future after I recover..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goofball that I am AKA NAN Auction Bidding

Well... goofball that I am, I didn't realize that the Bidding for the Collaboration Bridle Called "Maximillion's Bridle Revisited" For the North American Model Horse Nationals Auction had begun. I certainly would've said something sooner if I had. If you'd like to bid, Please Click H E R E

I have been in the studio precious little time this past month or so. Just so busy, and tired as always but I have been in it here and there. I still have some odds and ends to finish up before I start another project and I really WANT TO finish up those items to get them off of my plate.. but time is so precious and short, in so many ways and in so many areas of my life..

On a really exciting note, Breyerfest/NAN is only a Week (ish) away! WHOO HOO!! VACATION! My first "real" vacation since 2007! Can't wait!! I also can't wait to hang out with everyone so if you see me, PLEASE say Hi!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roy Rogers Museum Auctions, and other exhibits

There suddenly is a lot of interest in the model horse community about the Roy Rogers Museum pieces that are being sold at auctions around the country.

I'd like to share what I know, since I've known since last year that the museum was unfortunately closing in December 2009. I really wanted to make the trip to Branson, MO to see it before it closed but I was unable to do so.

The first Auction of the Roy Rogers pieces from the Museum were this past January out West. (I say "out west" because I can't remember the specific place where the auction was held). This auction was conducted by "High Noon" Auction company. They are the country's foremost experts on western collectibles, art and memorabilia. They have been in business for a few decades and I've bought just about every catalog they've sold.

I watch the High Noon January Auction online every year. The pieces sold are of course, of intense interest to me and I'm fascinated by what the parade saddles and antique saddles sell for.

This year, they had some of Roy and Dale's children (Now adults of course) speak at the beginning of the auction. They were in tears as they told the history of the Museum, recalled wonderful times with their parents, and how sorry they were that they were forced to sell off the pieces from the museum. It was a really beautiful moment :-)

The second Auction, will be next weekend (june 24, and 25th), and is being handled by Denver Old West auction company in conjunction with High Noon. (not sure if the High Noon folks own Denver Old west or what - I didn't discover the Denver Old west auctions until last year after I got a card in the mail about it) The website and more information is here;

Then, the third auction (and I have no idea if it'll be the last or not) is going to be Conducted by Christies in NY in july. This is the auction that one of the model horse folks found and has been posting about. This will get you to an auction lot and from there you can peruse the rest of the pieces and buy a catalog. (which I'll be doing here soon)

I'm hoping that some of the Western Museums around the country will buy many pieces from the auction and have their own dedicated section to Roy and Dale. There are thousands of people that love them and who grew up watching their show and I would think that would be a great addition to any museum.

My closest Museum is the Indianapolis Eitlejorg Museum, Headed by None other than James Nottage himself. Sadly (and stupidly!) I've never been to the museum but I do plan to take a weekend sometime and go up and spend two days going through it. (I'm bringin mah camera and my sketchbook!)

So while I'm blathering on and on and on, I want to blather a bit about "A gift from the Desert" exhibit showing at the Kentucky Horse park this summer and part of this fall. I was fortunate enough to see it last weekend during the Egyptian Event Arabian horse show. IT was amazing. I had goosbumps throughout the whole time I was looking at the pieces. I've never seen anything so wonderful about the arabian horse in my life!! If you're a fan of arabian horses, or history, you need to see this exhibit! Best part is that it's included in Admission to the Kentucky Horse park!

Lastly, there is an Andre Pater retrospective at the University Of Kentucky in Lexington. Andre Pater is one of my favorite contemporary artists and he started his career painting arabian horses and now only does sporting art. (and lives in KY!) To see his work up close and "live" is a very exciting prospect to me and I can't wait to find the time to go!!

Does anyone know if I can buy some "time" in a jar at walmart? Cause I could sure use some! ;-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Assembled NAN Donation Photos

Here are some pictures of the bridle fully assembled.. I need to pop two more knots on it and then it'll be completely finished!

Monday, June 14, 2010

NAN Donation Headstall ALMOST Finished!

The only reason that I say "Almost" is that I see a couple of spots on the browband that need some knots :-) Otherwise it's pretty much done! I also have Sue's Beautiful Reins here and I've taken pictures of them with the headstall but I want to get an "OK to post" from the NAN folks first. I don't want to steal anyone's thunder!

ONTO The Next Project!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Little by Little (pun intended!

Above are some in progress pictures of my NAN donation headstall which is a collaboration between me and Susan Bensema Young. I'm not sure if I've adequately expressed my gratitude about being asked by Sue to collaborate on a tack piece - let alone one as high profile as the NAN auction. To my knowledge, Sue has never done this before and to be the one chosen for such an honor is amazing.

The headstall above is made from thread. Sue sent me the colors to use and I went out and bought the same color from the same manufacturer to ensure that the headstall and reins will closely match.

I have an idea about how the headstall will be finished up and if you're "connected" to me on facebook you could see my quick drawing of the idea I had. I didn't want to repeat what I have done before and what everyone else has done already. So my headstall will have a dash of some previously made bridles that will definitely be my "style" but will also somewhat follow along the lines of tradition... I'm not sure if any of that blather matters to anyone but it makes sense in the context of the fantasy of miniatures. I don't know what any "real" sized horse tack braiders think of my "wildly" colored braided miniature bridles but hopefully they don't think I'm too far off of the mark.

As always I'm moving really slowly.. life lately has been difficult and I've been tired an achey but making tack brings me a lot of joy so I stubbornly refuse to give it up!

Thanks, as always for reading my blather...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yay! More progress!!

The first photo above shows one of the bit shanks being very close to finished. I started putting the "bit piece" on the second one but it turned out shorter than the first so I pulled it off. I'll have to give that another shot tonight. The first picture also shows the bare bones beginning of the cheek pieces.

The second picture shows a cheek piece in progress with the loop and the decorative knot over the top already on. It also shows the crown piece in progress. It is somewhat a relief that I don't have to do reins for this but I also have some anxiety about it being good enough to showcase susan's work.. Cross your fingers for me!!

This is the second incarnation of the NAN headstall. The first one, below, was waayy waayyy too big and In taking it to the craft store to get matching thread, I lost one of the cheek pieces. Thats fine because I had intended to start over anyway.

Then on friday I spent most of my studio time at night building the cheek pieces only to lose the very work I had worked so hard on. It is "somewhere" inside the house somewhere but I have no idea where. (This is one of the hazards of making tiny, tiny things..)Hubby even spent time looking for it after I went to bed and he couldn'd find it either. ( I guess I looked rather pitiful when I told him I had just lost everything I was working all night on.. LOL!) Thankfully I was smart enough to pay close and careful attention of where I put the cheek pieces the second time around..

Stay tuned as I hit this headstall "full on".. gotta deadline to reach!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Even the best laid plans....

After happily and proudly posting my progress in the last blog blather, I decided to remeasure the cheek pieces of the bridle. They are miles too long. I don't know how or why I managed to do that but now I have to entirely start over from scratch. I may go the more traditional route now and go with some solid cheek pieces and just a "Zebra Throatlatch".. and I may add in some black. Not sure.. I'll have to pow wow with Susan on that one when she gets back from her trip.

Oh well.. off to the craft store for more thread!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Albeit slow progress... The first photo above is the Breastcollar I've been working on for Alicia Vogel. It's 3/4ths of the way finished. It's just missing it's cool silver center piece. The only actual beads on the breastcollar are the silver "Disco"beads. The red knots are actually spanish ring knots and the blue and white knots are interwoven turks head knots.

The second picture shows my North American Model Horse Nationals Auction Donation in progress. I broke one of the bit shanks from messing with it too much (metal Fatigue) The precious "Dremel Time" that my husband was nice enough to work out with me today was spent making another bit shank. I still need to add "Faux" bit pieces to them as well but that is just a matter of time.

The blue and white braid pattern is a bit of a departure from the Traditional and "usual" headstall look. This bridle is something that Susan and I are putting together based on our experience braiding and researching bridles I figured that it would be nice to change it up a bit. There will be some solid braided pieces to give the eye a "rest" so that it's not so jarring. This is only the second time I've ever built a headstall entirely out of tatting thread. Normally I use artifical rawhide as a base and do the buttons using the thread. I was really worried that I had made a mistake at first but I've managed to somehow, and so far, to get the thread to work. Now my only problem is that I'm running out of the blue that Susan sent me so I'll have to go to Joann's Fabric to hunt up some more. Thankfully Susan was smart enough to choose a color that shouldn't be hard to find. (not surprising, that Sue is a smart cookie!)

My challenges over the past couple of weeks have been that I've been really really tired, and that my Husband has contracted Strep Throat this past week. I don't think that I have strep throat, I think that I just get up too early and I don't sleep deeply enough. I'm going to try harder to get to bed on time for the next few weeks so that I'll have enough energy to work in the studio and get everything I need to get done.. Done!

Hubby is on the mend now though after a trip to the drs and some anitbiotics. We're watching our son very closely to see if he has it. He's been extra tired today but that could be from getting up too early. We're hoping against hope that he side steps the strep throat because my husband has been very very ill.

I hope that you all are having a great spring and I'll blather at you again soon!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oh Dear! Been too long!

I've been so remiss at posting! I'm so sorry! This week is Derby week, and I was able to go to the track (churchill downs) this year on a company function. It was wonderful to be there during Derby week. Above is me - with my "derby" hat. IT's a bit small as derby hats go but I was just dipping my toe in the water so to speak. Next year, hopefully I'll be able to go to the track again and I'll make sure to get a more ostentatious hat! I have pictures from the Track that I need to tweak and then post somewhere. I wasn't sure what the accommodations would be once I got to the track so I decided not to bring my digital SLR. I brought the point and shoot instead. I wish now that I had brought the "big" camera but that'll have to wait until I visit the track again. (soon hopefully!)

Progress in the studio has been painfully slow. I've not felt my best this entire month. I've been utterly exhausted by 8pm every night, which is when I finally get studio time. I then go to bed at 9pm to get up by 5am and start my day again. I am thisclose to finishing alicia vogel's breastcollar that matches her bridle and then it's finally onto the joint NAN donation with Susan Bensema Young...

More updates as soon as I can!! Happy Derby Day!!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Alicia Vogel's Breastcollar in progress

This breastcollar matches a western pleasure bridle that I made for Alicia Vogel last year. She has been exceedingly patient with me while waiting for this to get finished.. I'm only about 1/3rd of the way into it.. lots more to go!

The D rings have been half hitched. The turks head knots are six bight, seven part turks head knots that have been interwoven with a herringbone interweave. The silver beads are real silver. The red knots are spanish ring knots of two passes. Lots more to do!! Then onto the nan donation! I need more energy and time!~ WIsh walmart sold THAT in a bottle!

By the way there IS a Desert Night Creations Group on Facebook. Just Search for Desert Night Creations and then join!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where does the time go!?

Time seems to fly so fast now! I guess thats what having a munchkin in your life can do. So much time devoted to his sweet soul that just slips by un-noticed. Thankfully, for now, he's been relatively healthy which has been easier on us. He did have a "bug" of some sort last week but nothing really to speak of since. He's also learning new words which makes mommy and daddy realize that we need to watch what we say ;-) - and what we do. He picks up things so fast! I'm hoping soon that he'll be old enough to play more on his own so that I can get some more studio time and more time to clean up the house on a regular basis.

The above Bridle is for Heather Jackson-Lain's show, "Model Horse ANonymous III". Unfortunately I couldn't get my entry together in time so I'm not going this year. I definitely want to go next year and hopefully I'll be in a financial position to do so! You'll need to contact Heather for how and when it'll be sold.

I've wanted to do a braided snaffle bridle for some time, but there isn't a lot of precedence for braided bridles to have snaffles. Most use a fancy curb bit with a silvery overlay and romel (vaquero) reins. I thought that this bridle would be a nice "practice" bridle for my NAN donation which will be a braided headstall with a hand made silver snaffle bit. I also got to "play" with the black unwaxed dental floss that I found. That stuff is pricey! You'd think that something that you bought to use and then throw away would be cheaper! It stays straighter though than the artificial rawhide with the wax removed and I really like the detail it ads to the end of the reins. I can see two toned tassels using it in the future.. ;-) The headstall of the bridle above has basket weave on it and real silver on the tips of the crownpiece. I was forced to skive the leather really thin because the keepers are real woven knots and didn't leave a lot of "clearance" room. I did seal both the top and the underside of the silver tips though so that the leather would kind of "fuse" to it. So far so good!

It's almost Kentucky Derby time again! I've been paying more attention to the derby contenders this year because for a short while, Barbaro's full brother, Lentenor, was in the running. He isn't quite showing the maturity needed for the mad dash that is the Kentucky Derby. Hopefully he can look at some of the later triple crown races or maybe even the breeders cup!

Happy Spring and I hope that you're not flooded or sneezing too much!