Sunday, November 21, 2010

centimeter by centimeter

Some quick photos!

The first photo is of an in progress western show halter with braided turks head knots. I decided to do it in a really basic color so that it would match any setup.

THe bridle belongs to Chelsea Nichols in trade for some paintwork.. There will eventually be a breastcollar and saddle to match! I'm lovin that black and turquoise!

The next two photos are of AMAZINGLY fine hand woven ropes by Emma Harrison... they were a gift and are very treasured :0)

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  1. How you feeling now, Hun? You got a bit more energy yet?

    I am so glad you like the ropes, I hope they are useful to you. :D

    Looking forward to seeing the bridle and headcollar you have on the go finished.

    (((hugs))) Em. XXXx


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