Thursday, October 20, 2016

Real Fast.......

My mom has been in the hospital on and off for about 3 weeks with complications due to advanced multiple sclerosis.  IT's two steps forward one step back and then a 50 yard step back.. I've tried to spend my time wisely and work some and then spend the rest of the time in the hospital.  No studio time at all. no time.. 

I hope that your october is better :)


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunflowers and Miniatures Exhibit

Above is my plan in progress for a new gaming saddle.  I chose sunflowers because I'm really in love with all things sunny, yellow and bright right now.  My new little house's bottom floor is almost totally a sunny yellow color and when the sun hits it, It's just amazing! 

I'm so happy here. I love my little neighborhood, I love that everything is so close and I love being in the middle of it all :)

Also I tend to share any tack that I make and keep with my friends and we all have green and blue as our main "theme" colors when we show so I figured that a sunny yellow flower on a gaming set would be perfect to use.

I'm almost totally finished with Evelyn Mundy's bronc nose halter. just need to put some finishing touches on it before it gets sent out.

I'm "stupid exited" to announce that my work has been accepted into an exhibit at Transylvania's Morlan Gallery called "Enough to Swear By". 

I will be exhibiting my Parade Saddle, My western pleasure set and Anna's green Braided bridle.  My stands were cleverly made by Robin Hudson and the Morlan Gallery is excited to use them.  The Gallery is on the Lexington Art Hop so I'm hoping to maybe get some new folks looking at my work.  That being said; I learned from the last time I branched out to Art Galleries that My model Horse following is loyal and wonderful and I will forever be grateful to them.

I will be selling the Western Pleasure Set and the Parade set for $1000 each.  Please contact me if you're interested.

I hope that you guys are having a really great fall!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Little things

Above is my very first Bronc Nose Halter.  IT was inspired by an amazing piece that I received from Evelyn Mundy for helping her with braidwork.  I'd love it if eventually there was like a tackmaker halter exchange but I don't have the cycles to organzie it.   Seems like I never have the cycles to do much of anything anymore.. lol!  I've always been this way but now I admit it :)

I also will have pieces in a Juried Exhibit at the Morlan Gallery at Transyvania University in Lexington, Ky.  I'm so excited about this! :)  I'll be exhibiting "Anna's Green" bridle and My Opus set and Parade Set.  The parade set and the Opus Set will be for sale.  Anna's bridle will not be unless Anna wants to sell it!

I hope that you guys are having a great weekend!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Only Took Four years!

Its done! No one is more shocked that "Oak Leaves and Acorns 4" aka my "opus saddle" is finally finished.  It's taken me 4 years to get it completed because my life sort of blew up in my face. To be fair, I lit the fuse but I'm pretty happy that it's done now. I'm really looking forward to showing it.  I didn't realize it but it was stopping me from starting other projects. I just don't like doing another big project like this unless the last one is done.  Also I've been kicking myself a bit for not getting my butt in gear and finishing it up.  But it's done now!

Next up is to finish up the Braided bridle and a Gift halter to a friend!

I have not forgotten that I have NAN photos to edit and put up.. so no worries!

Happy Almost Labor day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Inspiration again lives!

Haute Aire Resin shown by Robin Hudson with a DNC bridle

Sushi Resin shown by me in Western Pleasure. Tack by me.

I'm all fresh back from NAN (North American Model Horse Nationals) and Breyerfest and inspired!!  I had a really great time reconnecting with old friends and making a few new ones and for the first time, bringing RJ with me.  In the past he's been at Breyerfest but he didn't really comprehend what was going on.  This year that changed and he's interested in collecting the "Super Rare" horses.. which, So am I but dang if I haven't found that long lost relative to leave a trust fund lying around for me.. lol

I am happy to report two DNC Tack Top tens and one Champion of Saddlseat.  The First Top ten was shown by Robin Hudson on a Haute Aire Resin with a DNC double bridle.  The second was a western set made by DNC and shown by me on a Sushi Resin in western Pleasure.

There are more things to say but I'm exhausted (still!) so that will have to wait for another blog post!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

annnnnnddd..... another set back...

I broke my finger at work this past tuesday.  No one is more frustrated about this than I am.  It's also uber painful, not just in my finger but in my whole friggn hand.  Anyway, just your saturday update/whine.. lol

Hope that your hands are useful and you have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mothers Day 2016!

About 3 weeks ago, I was able to attend a day of the Equine Photographers workshop.  We had the good fortune to shoot at an arabian horse farm.  In Honor of Mothers Day 2016, Here are a few mares and foals. :)  Happy Mothers day to the patient women that raise and deal with their kids every day! THANK YOU!

Kentucky Derby Contenders!!

I know that today is mothers day but it's also the day after the Kentucky Derby.  Luckily once again I was able to shoot photos of the Derby winner ahead of time.  Below are a few photos of Nyquist both at Churchill Downs and at Keeneland.

I don't know if he's "American Pharoah" good but I am sure rooting for him to get the triple crown.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I know, it's been forever.. again.. and.. Again...

I'm so so sorry I've been absent.  I was in an apartment for six months that didn't have any direct sun- which apparently I need so I haven't been feeling up to blogging.

BUT I'm in a house now... a quaint, character filled, needing of a bit TLC little house and I couldn't be happier.  My back yard is filled with bad grass and wildlife and I have a gigantic picture window that I can shoot photos through.

I get light morning through evening and it makes me incredibly happy...

Which translates to more mental and emotional freedom to work on miniatures and photography.

A few weeks ago Heather Downing came to visit and it was totally inspiring and wonderful!  Admittedly I am a dyed in the wool introvert so it was hard having someone in my space, but she put up with me perfectly.. loL!  Even though my stomach freaked the eff out at one point after eating at Cracker Barrel. (Sound Familiar Morgen K? - Apparently if I have someone in my space my stomach freaks out)

Above is the Bridle that I've been working on, for forever.  I think I've finally come up with a clever way of adding a "twist" to the above bridle and making it cool.  I keep putting knots on and then cutting them back off, but that is happening more frequently instead of once every six weeks.. lol

I am also still slowly, slowly slowly working on my Opus western pleasure saddle.  I'm afraid that the Leather has darkened with age and it looks mUCH more like a light oil saddle now instead of bright natural leather but I think that the Tooling is holding up.  now that I have my own space I can work silver again.

I also made it back to Our Mims and shot a few more photos.

RJ and Kaylee Meeting for the first time

Jeanne's wonderful Sunflowers

Ms Royal Flagship Enjoying the Kentucky Sun.

Bragging Rights Napping

Beautiful JoJo

I hope that you are having a beautiful spring!  Thank you for not givng up on me :)