Friday, June 21, 2013

June is a busy month!

Go for Gin at the Kentucky Horse Park

First there was the Egyptian event at the Kentucky Horse Park.  I haven't gone for the last two years because I was just too depressed to spend a large amount of time alone.  This year though, I have a new camera that specializes in low light; My boys came with me for part of the day; and i really couldn't wait to see all of the horses again.  Above are photos from the Egyptian Event and Go For Gin, who is a new resident of the champion's barn.

I've tried to be more active but along with that comes more pain in my shoulders.  My legs hurt too from walking but not nearly as bad as my shoulders.  I'm hoping that swinging my arms while I walk will help those muscles loosen up.  I've been averaging one or two days a week walking which has made me happier all of the way around.

I have been making tack slowly. I'm not able to get into the studio as much as I'd like but I'm hoping to make up for that this coming weekend.

RJ is also playing Ball this year and it's been a great joy to see him play. I played softball most of my life and i miss it greatly but I'm not sure that my shoulders could take it now.

I'm going to join a local pool league. (Billiards).  I have always loved playing pool since I played obsessively in my 20's. (I mean I'm ONLY 29 wink wink)  I've felt very isolated and lonely lately so I'm going to try to be more social.

I hope that everyone at NAN this week (North American Model Horse Nationals) has a great time!!