Saturday, July 27, 2013

And One More Photo I forgot...

I want to call this the Titans of tack but I don't think that I qualify as a titan like cary and Sue do.  Left to right: me, sue bensema young and cary nelson

Mayhem, Hero Worship.. oh.. and Model horses - Breyerfest 2013

Ann Bilon and Sue B Young at the Clarion Inn (CHIN)

Heather-Squared (Me and Heather Jackson-Lain)

Tracy Eilers, Anna Tackett and me at the Artisian's hall

Me, Duly Worshipping Cary Nelson

Susan B Young (My Mentor and Friend) and me at the CHIN

Vicki Foster Scott, Ann Bilon, me, Anna Tackett

Me, Nan Wagner and Anna Tackett in front of Bill Duncan's Amazing Display

My Long Lost Sister, Morgen Kilbourne and I at the Bar at the CHIN

Karen Mahan, Anna Tackett, Lynn Rhea and Me

My Friend Cindy Evans and I

Me and UBER Tackmaker Cary Nelson

Andrew Faraci, Stacy Faraci and me
Matte Blue Roan Tobiano CC Shuffle -168 Made

Brigitte Eberl Havano Resin Painted By Carolyn Boydston

Beautiful Arabian costume by Cary Nelson

Beautiful Arabian costume by Cary Nelson

Beautiful Arabian costume by Cary Nelson

Beautiful Arabian costume by Cary Nelson
Breyerfest this year was amazing.  I think I had more fun this year than ever before!  Lots of great friends to hang out with, and of course my time Spent with Susan B Young yielded more insights and techniques in tackmaking.  I am now going ot buy a Engravers Vise and I have bought a Gail Hought book on how to braid the long knot.  I also reconnected with people I hadn't seen in a long time such as Anna Tackett and Tracy Eilers.  My soul is filled for another year.  I have more photos to come but my shoulders are KILLING me today (low pressure front) so that'll have to wait.  In the Meantime Enjoy! (Credit goes to Anna Tackett for allowing me to use the photos that I'm in.. lol)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Quick post - Braided bridle in progress

This is a long over due bridle that I've been working on for a friend.  I salvaged the bit but everything else is new.  May take me another 6 months to mentally work out the reins but at least I've gotten this far!!

RJ's first Dinner Model

This year was RJ's first year of really knowing and remembering what Breyerfest is about.  When I told him he was getting his very own big sized model he was sooo excited!  So I couldn't resist (since the dinner model is a palomino) putting some tack on "Hawk" (like one of the horses in the kids barn) and snapping a few photos.  The Parade Breastcollar didn't fit but the rest looks fairly snazzy I think :)

Real Fast...!

So sorry I've been so quiet!  As most of the model horse folk know, this past week was Breyerfest.. I have photos and lots to tell but I don't have time to blog right now.. but rest assured, there will be a long blather-y blog post in the near future!!