Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Day

The first picture above is a photo of the stairs off of my deck in my back yard. IT's quite snow covered and Louisville, KY is in quite the panic! We don't normally get a lot of snow during the winter so all of the snow we've had over the last few weeks has really taxed the city. So today RJ's daycare is closed, as is most of the city. Luckily I have a job where I can work from home on occasions like this and thats what I'm up to today.

Firstly an update for everyone that is wondering - I am completely, utterly, hopelessly behind in tack orders. Like Months behind now. I can't take on anything new at all. I'm completely booked until at least next year. I'm moving slower than molasses in the January.

I've been really tired and totally swamped time wise. My weekends are jam packed with family things and my weekdays are jam packed with work and family and trying to find a way to keep off the baby weight I lost over the summer. I get MAYBE an hour in the studio a day... MAYBE.. With that kind of time trickle, I am maxed out on what I can do. Hopefully when RJ is older and can play more by himself and less supervised I'll be able to step up production a bit.

Secondly, the second picture above is of Morgen K's bridle. As you can see I've got the headstall partially finished. Just need some ear pieces and a lot more silver and a chin strap.. I think that the knots are turning out well and I'm pleased with the design. I didn't think that I could do two color knots on a "regular" headstall. I thought that they'd be too bulky but they're not! This opens up all kinds of possibilities for the future..

I hope that you're less snowed in than I am!!