Sunday, February 08, 2015

Bit collection and other stuff..

From Left to right: Sue Rowe Bit, Silver Carol Williams Bit (on a braided bridle I'm working on), Heart bit made out of plated silver; key chain bit; pistol bit where I've painted the handles white, another hand made carol williams bit, another silver plated bit (Robin..clark maybe), last row are both robin clark bits (I think).   

I made this bit myself out of sheet silver and a dremel.

Made this bit myself using sheet silver and a dremel

Made by Me out of sheet silver and a dremel. This was a prototype and I Only made one shank.

Again, I made this bit myself as well.  Unfortunately one side broke and I never made another.

Made this bit myself for the Mother Hubbard I set.

Firstly, Alicia Vogel has a bridle and matching Breastcollar of  mine available on the Model Horse Sales Pages. These colors are unique to my work. I normally hang out in "Traditional" colors "land" of browns, darker blues and reds. Anything that could've been made from naturally ocuring dyes.  (This is part of the reason that I enjoy Danielle Hart's work so much... she doesn't have those dumb limitiations that I do!):

It occurs to me that I have been "officially" making tack since 1997. Yes.. 1997. So... I've been making miniature tack for 18 years. Gawd I'm old.. lol!!  I have gained considerable knowledge and skill in that time, albeit slowly.

I am a firm believer in dispelling myths about myself and showing people that my earlier work wasn't all that great.  I'm hoping by doing this that I'll inspire more tackmakers to keep at it.  I'm finding as time moves on there aren't a lot of us in the hobby who have been around "FOREVER" in the tackmaking biz.  (Insert crotchety comment here about the A.D.D. generation) I want to change that.

Here are some of my older works:







I know that I had some photos of some really old stuff but apparently my Subconscious has deleted those. LOL!!  Actually I've had at least 5 or 6 computers since then so those photos are probably on some "lost" hard drive somewhere.

Well, happy February!