Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is a shot from my chair to my actual working space.  There is a halter there (Two actually), and above you'll see the fenders I'm working on for the saddle.  I have to redo the bottom skirt because the other one was a tad too small.. and the Dye I used was old.

My Latest Discovery for long term storage. Press and Seal wrap!  and I mean LONG term.. 

Every Since Breyerfest my Brain has been racing with inspiration.  Total flood of ideas and how to make things.  I think my emotions had me "bottled" up and being around Susan, Erin, Morgen, Ann, Maggie and everyone else at Breyerfest pushed me forward again.  I can barely concentrate on one project before another leaps in front of me, demanding to be chased.. lol!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sue's Goodies once she arrived at my house.
 Sue's "Display case".  The years start at 1985 and go to 2009.  THe work in this box is exquisite.  Not just for the model horse hobby but for any craftsman.  There are so few of us that still braid, and even fewer that braid in miniature.  ONE of these bridles is worth hundreds of dollars.. the whole case is priceless!!
 My tackbox made by Robin Hudson (Formerly Poehlein), and Sue's tackbox. EVERY Time I see sue's display case I pause and just stare and admire. EVERY. Time.
 Erin Corbett's Amazing work.  I dare say that my own saddles are not this fine...

Sue's Hands.  I have a fascination right now with Craftpersons/artists hands.  I'm going to do a life long, artistic series about it.  

 Left to right:  Vicki, Ann, and Collette at the Former HOliday Inn North, now the Clarion
 Left to right: Ann, Me, Collette

 Morgen Kilbourne's Hands with her SERIOUSLY cool New Corillio sculpture.  She was concerned that folks may not be interested.. so if you are and you love him like I do, EMAIL HER!
Maggie Bennett's Hands.  Maggie Is young for a sculptor of her talent and eye.  She has more talent in one of her pinky fingers than I have in my entire body.  I love her work and wish I could buy more! (I do have a cooper though!)

There will be more pictures at my address because webshots won't let me sign up for any more free space.. lol!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Inspiration: Susan Bensema Young's hands

These are the Hands of the Master Miniature Braider, Susan Bensema Young. She is holding her bosal in black, red and white with an amazing, actually twisted mecate. I'm going to start photographing a lot more hands. They're so important to a creative person..

Saturday, July 09, 2011