Monday, July 30, 2007

More health issues

Saturday I laid around most of the day because I wasn't feeling well.

Sunday I felt a lot better so I finished up a western show halter with the new skill I learned: interwoven turks head knots! I also added some real silver plates.

I'm about rabid to do more knotwork which is GREAT for the Mother hubbard II set. I'll be finishing up the saddle and then move onto the bridle and bosal.

I was working on hand made buckles again yesterday (in between drying glue) and I am/was feeling apprehensive about making more. I feel like I have not figured out yet how to make two exactly the same. I hope folks will forgive me if they're slightly different. Thats one of the ways of telling if something is hand made.. But then I want them to be as perfect as possible. Typical connundrum for an artist I think.

Anyway, I'm feeling really tire dthis afternoon. I'm not sure if I slept really well last night but I presume I didn't because of how I feel today.


Monday, July 23, 2007


Whooo Buddy I'm tired today. Lots of running around the Kentucky Horse park this past week and visiting with model horse friends. I had a wonderful time!

Last Tuesday Susan Young came to visit me and helped me with my interweaves on my knots! I'm so pleased to say that I think I'm learning them quite well! I've already completed four miniature knots with interweaves! I'm so excited that I feel like going on a braided tack "kick".. I'm just obsessed with doing knots!!

I'm having a hard time finding DMC Tatting thread size 80 in brown! You'd think that like their embroidery floss, it would be EVERYWHERE.. but no.. LOL!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breyerfest Next week!

Yipee! Breyerfest is in two weekends! Breyerfest is a gathering of model horse enthusiasts in Lexington, KY. Lexington is only about an hour away from me so I am privileged enough to be able to go every year. People as far away as Japan, England, Germany, Australia and other countries have gone to Lexington enjoy the Kentucky Horse park and Breyerfest.

I love going every year because I get an opportunity to meet some of my Internet friends and see some faces of those that I've met before as well.

On the Tack front, I have mostly finished my "Californio II" saddle. Now onto the Bridle and bosal. I am lucky enough that Susan Bensema Young will be visiting me next week and has promised to help me with knots and braiding. I also love her company and sharing my reference books with her