Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Inspiration again lives!

Haute Aire Resin shown by Robin Hudson with a DNC bridle

Sushi Resin shown by me in Western Pleasure. Tack by me.

I'm all fresh back from NAN (North American Model Horse Nationals) and Breyerfest and inspired!!  I had a really great time reconnecting with old friends and making a few new ones and for the first time, bringing RJ with me.  In the past he's been at Breyerfest but he didn't really comprehend what was going on.  This year that changed and he's interested in collecting the "Super Rare" horses.. which, So am I but dang if I haven't found that long lost relative to leave a trust fund lying around for me.. lol

I am happy to report two DNC Tack Top tens and one Champion of Saddlseat.  The First Top ten was shown by Robin Hudson on a Haute Aire Resin with a DNC double bridle.  The second was a western set made by DNC and shown by me on a Sushi Resin in western Pleasure.

There are more things to say but I'm exhausted (still!) so that will have to wait for another blog post!