Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Two posts in one week! Holy Cats!

Hi again!

Real fast I'm going to list out the things I have going on currently:

Single Mom

Working to keep myself current in my career as being a "Older" working woman in the tech field- this means online learning as much as I possibly can.  Currently going through to learn to script in python and wading through a Linux Essentials course.
Photography For our Mims - still have like 1,000 photos to go through from June
Miniatures - working on two halters.  Upping my game in the silver work and learned new knots.
Pool twice a week- going to vegas to play pool in a Tournament in August!

Excercising - doing 3.6 miles to 4.8 miles 4 days a week.  I've put on about 40lbs and now that I've literally chewed through whatever emotional thing I needed to, I want the weight gone and to feel better.

Know what that adds up to?
I'm tired. SO. Very. Tired.

I did the "low key" Breyerfest this year. Bought only 3 or 4 things for me. (Much more for the boy).  Didn't bring anything to sell because my entire collection is currently packed up because 1. flood and 2 3 New Kittens/Cats (Going forward referred to as "Cattens") and I didn't have the energy to unpack it all and sift through.  I didn't even bring my "big dog" camera.  Just hung out and did some stuff but I found my inspiration again and that was seriously priceless.

But i'm trying. I'm trying to find a new normal after the divorce and I haven't quite figured out who I am now.  Pretty sure most people go through this..  Don't even get me started on dating.. oy. just.. ugh.. lol

Anyway  Happy July! and here are some Pretty Photos From Our Mims

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Lets Do this! Breyerfest week 2018!

As always I started Breyerfest Week on monday with a Visit from Susan Bensema Young .  Susan has been my longtime Mentor/Sensai (as my Son so astutely called her).  Some years Sue and I just talk about work we're doing or others' work.  Some years she comes and I actually learn something.  This year I was able to attempt a Fan knot and a nosebutton Knot that I'll be using in the future for my bosals.  (In progress nose button knot above)

If that weren't enough, Sue showed me how to sharpen and properly use a hand held "graver" and "Silver ball".  I took short videos of each so that when I go to work on my silver practice I can see exactly how I should be working.

I am very inspired after this visit.. I'm looking forward to making a new bosal with the new nosebutton and fan knots that I learned.

The next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday I mostly cleaned up the house and just kind of relaxed.

Thursday was the day that RJ and I made it to the Clarion and met up with Jesse Tackett and Anna Tackett.  At the Artisian Hall that night, This happened:  (remind me to wear makeup when taking pictures.. lol)

Photo Courtesy of Morgen Kilbourn

In the Middle of that Ball of Talent  in green is me (the least talented here!); Then Morgen on the Right and Jennifer Danza on the left. Sue is in the back with the hat.  We were having a great time and I'm so thrilled that we got this shot!!  Also we had the usual room sales and that's always fun to do because sometimes you see long lost friends wander in :)!

On Friday RJ and I had our first SR tent time.  While we were eating lunch waiting for our tent time, completely by Co-incidence, we met up with Candace Curtis as we were sitting under a tree!  She and I Talked about the horsepark changes and Breyerfest this year.  This year Breyer used a lot more of the park than in the past.  The SR tent and the line where one waited for their SR Tent time was much bigger- an actual tent store this year with more checkout stands. It all went very smoothly and quickly. Much Better than in the past !

Left to right:  Candace Curtis, RJ and Me.

RJ has started to collect Breyer horses. Not as rabidly as I once did of course But I'm happy for any commonality with my kiddo.  So He was after the Red Smarty Jones and the checkered Newmarket.   The first number draw was in our favor and we were able to get both of the horses he wanted the first time through!  I told him it was a Breyerfest Miracle! lol

RJ's Red Smarty and his Blue Checkered Newmarket.

Another RJ find bought by his Friend Jesse Tackett as a Gift for him

Some More of RJ's Breyerfest Loot!

and two more!

RJ's ever growing collection.

Saturday RJ wasn't feeling well so I ventured around the park by myself.  I didn't have as good luck as I did on Friday- I was further back in line. So No special surprise horse for me that day but I did manage to snag a Glossy Sierra Rose and a Glossy Straight Bet. (both are on ebay because I have no idea what OF's are worth anymore)

My Breyerfest Loot included Getting my painted Mulenette Resin from Jennifer Danza and my UPnova from morgen. I also managed to get a Takeshi Sticker, a Westpoint medallion, a Cary Nelson Halter and a Niki Button Akhal Teke bust!

As always my life has been waaaayyy too busy for me to reasonably handle but I jut keep trying day by day. This vacation was REALLY great for relaxing and not stressing out too much.  I'm hoping that moving forward I'll start making more tack again.  I can't wait till nexdt year though!