Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Two posts in one week! Holy Cats!

Hi again!

Real fast I'm going to list out the things I have going on currently:

Single Mom

Working to keep myself current in my career as being a "Older" working woman in the tech field- this means online learning as much as I possibly can.  Currently going through to learn to script in python and wading through a Linux Essentials course.
Photography For our Mims - still have like 1,000 photos to go through from June
Miniatures - working on two halters.  Upping my game in the silver work and learned new knots.
Pool twice a week- going to vegas to play pool in a Tournament in August!

Excercising - doing 3.6 miles to 4.8 miles 4 days a week.  I've put on about 40lbs and now that I've literally chewed through whatever emotional thing I needed to, I want the weight gone and to feel better.

Know what that adds up to?
I'm tired. SO. Very. Tired.

I did the "low key" Breyerfest this year. Bought only 3 or 4 things for me. (Much more for the boy).  Didn't bring anything to sell because my entire collection is currently packed up because 1. flood and 2 3 New Kittens/Cats (Going forward referred to as "Cattens") and I didn't have the energy to unpack it all and sift through.  I didn't even bring my "big dog" camera.  Just hung out and did some stuff but I found my inspiration again and that was seriously priceless.

But i'm trying. I'm trying to find a new normal after the divorce and I haven't quite figured out who I am now.  Pretty sure most people go through this..  Don't even get me started on dating.. oy. just.. ugh.. lol

Anyway  Happy July! and here are some Pretty Photos From Our Mims

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