Thursday, December 31, 2009

I could be moving slower but then I'd be going backwards!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to those that celebrate it tonight at Midnight!

This is kind of a no real news to say sort of post... other than to complain about how slow I'm moving. It seems as though my time is sooo slim now and so is my energy. I have more energy than when I did when I first started my job but it's still not enough. I rarely get more than an hour or so in the studio anymore but I try to make it count!

I am still working on the bridles for Morgen Kilbourne and I still have Alicia Vogel's matching breastcollar to do. Then Onto the saddleset for Chelsea and a donation for Model Horse Anonymous III.

I had a great christmas that included getting a new camera so that I can take better, more high resolution photos of my tack. I'm looking forward to mucking around with it when I get the time!

I'm also Nixxing my twitter account. I have no time to twitter anymore!! But I am available on facebook under Heather Moreton-Abounader and I may start a group on Facebook as well for my tack. Just depends on if I have time !LOL

So I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and weekend!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roy Rogers and High Noon

The above photo is owned by auction company.

Is it really December? Is it really the Middle of December? Crud! I haven't done hardly anything at all in the studio... I've been too busy and exhausted. Well thats not true, I have done a few things. I'm working on another Bridle for my trade with Morgen Kilbourne but that requires "dremel time" and "engraver time" and I haven't had hardly any in the last month.

Also I'm ever so slowly working on refurbishing/re-doing a bridle for my Friend Anna. I made a green bridle for her a long time ago that I now can't stand to look at! My skills have gotten so much better and I understand bridles so much better now. So it must be redone with new skills. Thankfully she is extremely patient with me so I work on it when I can't work on anything else.

In case you haven't heard, the Roy Rogers museum in Branson, MO closed on the 13th. I was so bummed that I didn't make it to the museum before it closed. Definitely an opportunity missed that I will regret for some time. The one saving grace that I have though is that auction company will be auctioning off the items from the museum and they are making up a catalog. In case I hadn't mentioned it before I am a catalog junkie. Especially for tack catalogs, and High Noon's offerings are no exception. I have every one that I can get my hands on. Whenever I'm feeling "flat" I flip through one of those catalogs and my head is filled with ideas again! To me, it's worth the investment... I'm hoping that their photos of the sale items will be spectacular so that I can see them in as much detail as possible.. here's to hoping!

I threw my "hat" in the ring for a NAN donation this year. I also have promised a donation to Heather Jackson Lain's Model Horses Anonymous III! This year, I hope to go to the show too.. I haven't been to a model horse show in AGES and I'm DYING to go to one to talk with people!

So thats it for now.. I'll have a bit of time next week to shoot some photos and hopefully get some dremel time so that I can make some things from silver that I've needed for a while.