Friday, January 27, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Real fast!

This past sunday, I had imagined myself typing out a fantastic, "Blah blah" filled post with Pictures of my tooling progress and work on the Model Horses Anonymous LIve Donation.

Well.. phhtt to that.  I had a tooth pulled last friday because all of the 3 previous attempts to save it failed.  I was on Hydrocodone and kept falling asleep literally every 2-ish hours so I got very little done.  I'm hoping next weekend will be better.

The Donation for Model Horses Anonymous will be a leather bridle with Braided knots on it that has the covered jump rings on either side and has an Ear piece.  I'm hoping to do a braided set of reins with it as well.

I ordered a GIGANTIC (For me) bottle of "Bee Natural" pro carve so I probably will be good until about 2030.  LOL!  The fenders of the saddle are carved as is the bottom skirt.  NExt will be the seat piece and finally the upper skirt.  I'm going to do the shoulders (and maybe the upper skirt)with the basketweave tooling.

Happy Second week in January!