Sunday, August 25, 2013

Digging through the refrence files...

Like Most miniature tackmakers, I have a metric ton of reference.  For just about every discipline and from every corner of the world.  I love tack. I always think that I will some day use all of this reference...

I'm tired today and I have been most of this week, so I'm taking the easy way out by just posting photos.  (Most of these phots are NOT MINE and I'd be happy to take any down that folks wouldn't want me sharing.)

enjoy the fun! :0)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The word Busy doesn't even begin to cover what I've been..

In July, right before Breyerfest, my company "re-org'd" the IT (Information Technology) Department.  I was placed on the Corporate Infrastructure which I've thoroughly enjoyed.  It has been very challenging, which is nice, but it's made me exceedingly busy.  Like when I used to work at Charter 11 years ago busy..  Just about every hour of the past few weeks has been devoted to working.  I think though that now I'm on the other side of that and I can get some more "heather" time and time in the studio.

The bad part of all of that busy is that I'm stressed and I'm having a hard time concentrating and focusing on one thing.  All of that multi-tasking has made me sort of scattered.

Today though, I spent 5 hours updating my crusty notupdatedin5years website.  Just about every page got a new photo or two and I added a category for parade saddles.

I also made it to the Shelbyville Horse Show and above are a few photos from the event.   I should've brought the hood that belongs on the lens but some turned out ok anyway.

I'll be at the Worlds Championship Horse Show Next Saturday and will post photos from that show as well.

I bought an Engravers Vice after breyerfest and I have been slowly trying to learn how to actually, authentically, engrave.  It's harder than I ever imagined.. I can't even begin to tell you..  I'm terrible at it. T E R R I B L E.. but I hope someday to get better..

Here's to hoping you have a great weekend!