Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miniature Halter For sale

The halter below is for sale for $170ppd. I know that right now isn't a great time to sell anything so I can do half down and the rest due within $30 days. Let me know if you're interested!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finished Halter!

Here are photos of the latest finished miniature western show halter.. more later when I have time!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Above are photos of my most recent model horse purchase. It is the Set that Susan Bensema Young made for my close friend, Anna Tackett.

Anna's life has changed , and she is no longer active in the model horse hobby. I find this to be very unfortunate because through the model horse hobby we became friends. She was my "Live show" buddy for many many years and it is in fact because of her that I started Showing at all.

We are still close friends though, and she even got a job recently in the same building as me! (I'm on the second floor and she is on the third). It's incredible that I get to see and go to lunch with one of my best friends as often as I'd like!

Years ago, Anna comissioned this set from Susan. We knew, when susan was done, that the set would be spectacular. We had no idea how beautiful it would really be.. Above is the set that Anna received and I've coveted it and learned from it ever since. Anna showed the set to many local show wins and to a couple of top ten and championships at the North American Model Horse Nationals.

Whenever I needed inspiration or a kick in the butt, I would look at photos of it.

This year Anna wrote me and said she was selling the set and gave me "dibbs". She was kind enough to allow me to make payments on it over a couple of months and in November, I paid it off. It's been with me in my studio, waiting for me to take photos of it. I can barely keep my hands off it but I'm so happy it's mine!

A few saturdays ago, I talked with Susan about the set. She said that if anna had to sell it, she was very happy it was going to me because it would be appreciated. It definitely is. Above are some big photos of it so that I can share this wonderful masterpiece.

Enjoy :-)