Sunday, April 10, 2016

I know, it's been forever.. again.. and.. Again...

I'm so so sorry I've been absent.  I was in an apartment for six months that didn't have any direct sun- which apparently I need so I haven't been feeling up to blogging.

BUT I'm in a house now... a quaint, character filled, needing of a bit TLC little house and I couldn't be happier.  My back yard is filled with bad grass and wildlife and I have a gigantic picture window that I can shoot photos through.

I get light morning through evening and it makes me incredibly happy...

Which translates to more mental and emotional freedom to work on miniatures and photography.

A few weeks ago Heather Downing came to visit and it was totally inspiring and wonderful!  Admittedly I am a dyed in the wool introvert so it was hard having someone in my space, but she put up with me perfectly.. loL!  Even though my stomach freaked the eff out at one point after eating at Cracker Barrel. (Sound Familiar Morgen K? - Apparently if I have someone in my space my stomach freaks out)

Above is the Bridle that I've been working on, for forever.  I think I've finally come up with a clever way of adding a "twist" to the above bridle and making it cool.  I keep putting knots on and then cutting them back off, but that is happening more frequently instead of once every six weeks.. lol

I am also still slowly, slowly slowly working on my Opus western pleasure saddle.  I'm afraid that the Leather has darkened with age and it looks mUCH more like a light oil saddle now instead of bright natural leather but I think that the Tooling is holding up.  now that I have my own space I can work silver again.

I also made it back to Our Mims and shot a few more photos.

RJ and Kaylee Meeting for the first time

Jeanne's wonderful Sunflowers

Ms Royal Flagship Enjoying the Kentucky Sun.

Bragging Rights Napping

Beautiful JoJo

I hope that you are having a beautiful spring!  Thank you for not givng up on me :)