Sunday, August 28, 2016

Only Took Four years!

Its done! No one is more shocked that "Oak Leaves and Acorns 4" aka my "opus saddle" is finally finished.  It's taken me 4 years to get it completed because my life sort of blew up in my face. To be fair, I lit the fuse but I'm pretty happy that it's done now. I'm really looking forward to showing it.  I didn't realize it but it was stopping me from starting other projects. I just don't like doing another big project like this unless the last one is done.  Also I've been kicking myself a bit for not getting my butt in gear and finishing it up.  But it's done now!

Next up is to finish up the Braided bridle and a Gift halter to a friend!

I have not forgotten that I have NAN photos to edit and put up.. so no worries!

Happy Almost Labor day!


  1. Hooray!!! Congratulations!! and it's so beautiful. I hope you find that "clearing out" releases all kinds of positive energy! What a relief. I'm merely reshelving horses but it still feels great.

  2. Wow! That turned out great!


Thanks for saying so!