Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roy Rogers Museum Auctions, and other exhibits

There suddenly is a lot of interest in the model horse community about the Roy Rogers Museum pieces that are being sold at auctions around the country.

I'd like to share what I know, since I've known since last year that the museum was unfortunately closing in December 2009. I really wanted to make the trip to Branson, MO to see it before it closed but I was unable to do so.

The first Auction of the Roy Rogers pieces from the Museum were this past January out West. (I say "out west" because I can't remember the specific place where the auction was held). This auction was conducted by "High Noon" Auction company. They are the country's foremost experts on western collectibles, art and memorabilia. They have been in business for a few decades and I've bought just about every catalog they've sold.

I watch the High Noon January Auction online every year. The pieces sold are of course, of intense interest to me and I'm fascinated by what the parade saddles and antique saddles sell for.

This year, they had some of Roy and Dale's children (Now adults of course) speak at the beginning of the auction. They were in tears as they told the history of the Museum, recalled wonderful times with their parents, and how sorry they were that they were forced to sell off the pieces from the museum. It was a really beautiful moment :-)

The second Auction, will be next weekend (june 24, and 25th), and is being handled by Denver Old West auction company in conjunction with High Noon. (not sure if the High Noon folks own Denver Old west or what - I didn't discover the Denver Old west auctions until last year after I got a card in the mail about it) The website and more information is here;

Then, the third auction (and I have no idea if it'll be the last or not) is going to be Conducted by Christies in NY in july. This is the auction that one of the model horse folks found and has been posting about. This will get you to an auction lot and from there you can peruse the rest of the pieces and buy a catalog. (which I'll be doing here soon)

I'm hoping that some of the Western Museums around the country will buy many pieces from the auction and have their own dedicated section to Roy and Dale. There are thousands of people that love them and who grew up watching their show and I would think that would be a great addition to any museum.

My closest Museum is the Indianapolis Eitlejorg Museum, Headed by None other than James Nottage himself. Sadly (and stupidly!) I've never been to the museum but I do plan to take a weekend sometime and go up and spend two days going through it. (I'm bringin mah camera and my sketchbook!)

So while I'm blathering on and on and on, I want to blather a bit about "A gift from the Desert" exhibit showing at the Kentucky Horse park this summer and part of this fall. I was fortunate enough to see it last weekend during the Egyptian Event Arabian horse show. IT was amazing. I had goosbumps throughout the whole time I was looking at the pieces. I've never seen anything so wonderful about the arabian horse in my life!! If you're a fan of arabian horses, or history, you need to see this exhibit! Best part is that it's included in Admission to the Kentucky Horse park!

Lastly, there is an Andre Pater retrospective at the University Of Kentucky in Lexington. Andre Pater is one of my favorite contemporary artists and he started his career painting arabian horses and now only does sporting art. (and lives in KY!) To see his work up close and "live" is a very exciting prospect to me and I can't wait to find the time to go!!

Does anyone know if I can buy some "time" in a jar at walmart? Cause I could sure use some! ;-)

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