Saturday, June 05, 2010

Little by Little (pun intended!

Above are some in progress pictures of my NAN donation headstall which is a collaboration between me and Susan Bensema Young. I'm not sure if I've adequately expressed my gratitude about being asked by Sue to collaborate on a tack piece - let alone one as high profile as the NAN auction. To my knowledge, Sue has never done this before and to be the one chosen for such an honor is amazing.

The headstall above is made from thread. Sue sent me the colors to use and I went out and bought the same color from the same manufacturer to ensure that the headstall and reins will closely match.

I have an idea about how the headstall will be finished up and if you're "connected" to me on facebook you could see my quick drawing of the idea I had. I didn't want to repeat what I have done before and what everyone else has done already. So my headstall will have a dash of some previously made bridles that will definitely be my "style" but will also somewhat follow along the lines of tradition... I'm not sure if any of that blather matters to anyone but it makes sense in the context of the fantasy of miniatures. I don't know what any "real" sized horse tack braiders think of my "wildly" colored braided miniature bridles but hopefully they don't think I'm too far off of the mark.

As always I'm moving really slowly.. life lately has been difficult and I've been tired an achey but making tack brings me a lot of joy so I stubbornly refuse to give it up!

Thanks, as always for reading my blather...

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