Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yay! More progress!!

The first photo above shows one of the bit shanks being very close to finished. I started putting the "bit piece" on the second one but it turned out shorter than the first so I pulled it off. I'll have to give that another shot tonight. The first picture also shows the bare bones beginning of the cheek pieces.

The second picture shows a cheek piece in progress with the loop and the decorative knot over the top already on. It also shows the crown piece in progress. It is somewhat a relief that I don't have to do reins for this but I also have some anxiety about it being good enough to showcase susan's work.. Cross your fingers for me!!

This is the second incarnation of the NAN headstall. The first one, below, was waayy waayyy too big and In taking it to the craft store to get matching thread, I lost one of the cheek pieces. Thats fine because I had intended to start over anyway.

Then on friday I spent most of my studio time at night building the cheek pieces only to lose the very work I had worked so hard on. It is "somewhere" inside the house somewhere but I have no idea where. (This is one of the hazards of making tiny, tiny things..)Hubby even spent time looking for it after I went to bed and he couldn'd find it either. ( I guess I looked rather pitiful when I told him I had just lost everything I was working all night on.. LOL!) Thankfully I was smart enough to pay close and careful attention of where I put the cheek pieces the second time around..

Stay tuned as I hit this headstall "full on".. gotta deadline to reach!

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