Saturday, May 01, 2010

Oh Dear! Been too long!

I've been so remiss at posting! I'm so sorry! This week is Derby week, and I was able to go to the track (churchill downs) this year on a company function. It was wonderful to be there during Derby week. Above is me - with my "derby" hat. IT's a bit small as derby hats go but I was just dipping my toe in the water so to speak. Next year, hopefully I'll be able to go to the track again and I'll make sure to get a more ostentatious hat! I have pictures from the Track that I need to tweak and then post somewhere. I wasn't sure what the accommodations would be once I got to the track so I decided not to bring my digital SLR. I brought the point and shoot instead. I wish now that I had brought the "big" camera but that'll have to wait until I visit the track again. (soon hopefully!)

Progress in the studio has been painfully slow. I've not felt my best this entire month. I've been utterly exhausted by 8pm every night, which is when I finally get studio time. I then go to bed at 9pm to get up by 5am and start my day again. I am thisclose to finishing alicia vogel's breastcollar that matches her bridle and then it's finally onto the joint NAN donation with Susan Bensema Young...

More updates as soon as I can!! Happy Derby Day!!!

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