Sunday, August 15, 2010

quick blather..

Not much progress in the studio this past week or weekend unfortunately - despite my enthusiasm to get up there! Haven't been feeling well and thats kept me out..

Above is a photo of kylie deemers donation for cookville classic live in october. I can't decided whether or not the braiding is done, and I know I need to redo the "popper".

I had started on the centerpiece (Finally!) for alicia vogel's breastcollar but I mapped out the pattern incorrectly. I have a new plan brewing in the ole noggin though and I'm hoping I feel well enough to get up in the studio today and get the pattern done and onto silver!

Lastly, I'm very very slowly uploading my NAN and Breyerfest photos to webshots. I think though I'll have to break out the performance photos and the halter photos because I have a limit of 1000 photos on webshots and I tool well over that number..

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