Thursday, August 07, 2008

THe halter that refused to "be"

I've been working on and off on a braided button/silver western show halter and I thought that I would be able to have it finished this week! Turns out that I had no idea how much more work it was going to take! There was some kind of chemical reaction on the noseplate and on one of the keepers and they both turned yellow. So I stripped off the coating, cleaned them up, sealed them and BAM it happened again! So this time I'm replacing them altogether. The noseplate isn't that big of a deal but to replace the keeper, I have to redo the whole buckle assembly! PAIN IN THE PATOOT!!! I'm committed though to having the thing done by monday! It feels great to be in the studio again!

I have entered some photos in the Capture Kentuckiana photo contest put on by the Courier Journhal which is our Local Paper! I'm having a ball uploading photos and rating other people's photos! Turns out that there is a Local "Photography Collective"!! WHO KNEW!?

You can see my photos here: But unfortunately to vote for me you'll have to sign up on the website. (SORRY!) but I'd be very grateful if you did!

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