Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Call!

I am lottery-ing off the above halter to the folks on my yahoo group and to those that subscribe to my blog. It's a "Thank you" for being so patient and supportive of my big slow butt!

I thought I was finished with the mother hubbard bridle but of course I had to do ONE more knot on it and then I messed up the actual knot underneath so a part of the reins will have to be done over.

Also, I got a tip from a wonderfully talented woman (jacquie who was at the Artisian's Hall at Breyerfest next to Liesl Dalpe)that went from braiding life sized bridles to braiding model sized bridles. She told me to look into drop spinning and alpaca yarn for mecates! What a revelation! DUUHHH!
I've been overwhelmingly busy with photography and model horse stuff! I've been meaning to blog for over a week now and I just got to it today.
I don't know if I've mentioned it but I've set up an "e-commerce" site for my photography.
And I have a photography blog:
Munchkin is now sitting up and crawling and he is into EVERYTHING! This is actually a great sign and I'm so pleased with his curiosity.
I've also been dealing with a touch of post partum depression. I've never been good about going out of the house and over the last three months I've been much worse. I'm seeing a counselor though so I will be much better in the future. I day dream a lot about taking munchkin places and taking his picture there... Like taking him to the slugger museum or taking him to the park and taking his picture in front of well known Louisville Landmarks... Hopefully I can actually do that soon.. I think it would be adorable for his photo album.

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