Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of Diets and Chairs..

I have recently gone on a low sugar, low carb diet. I've lost 8 lbs which is a drop in the bucket compared to how much weight I want/need to lose. I wish i could lose 50lbs but more realistically, it will probably be less. I've come to terms recently with my problems with occasional low blood sugar issues. I suppose that I just never understood it in the past, only knowing that I was "starving" or "crashed" when it was happening.

I've felt a lot more "Even keel" now that I'm staying away from a lot of sugar, but along with that "even" feeling, has come a tad of boredom. I'm trying not to eat to entertain myself and if I absolutely can not get eating out of my head I eat rice cakes... For some reason, It's "entertaining". I've also been more careful about definitely eating well three times a day and not eating something that would raise and then crash my bloodsugar so that my eating is more controlled.

My Friend Anna mentioned that the last time I went on a low carb diet, my brain went to "S*it". This could explain why I'm so forgetful now. I don't' know what the answer is or whether everyone else is going through this when they're on a low carb diet. So if you have experienced it please let me know I'm not alone..

Maybe I'm just too inwardly focused and need to go out more...

Last night, some friends and I went to "The worlds Championship Horse show" which is the Saddlebred Championship held here in Louisville, Ky during the Kentucky State Fair. My friend Robin is a big fan of the saddlebred breed and it is wonderful to be with her during the show. She knows so much and explains so much and her excitement and enthusiasm is catching! This year's Five Gaited World Champion is "He's the Man"! He is only 5 years old so this is quite an accomplishment for a young horse!

My immediate family moved to a brand new house in December 05. We sold our old couch with matching chairs and old guest room furniture to the folks that bought the old house. What I didn't realize is that I would be leaving my chair that I sit in to make miniatures behind. Ever since then, I've been trying to find a replacement for that chair. The chair that I used sat really low to the ground and was upholstered and very comfy to me. I started to use a folding chair here in the new house.

I have also been having a problem of feeling comfortable and creative in my new space. I just didn't feel right but I attributed it to my own resistance to change and I told myself that I would get used to it.

Luckily for me, I married the best husband in the world. The guy that bought our old house works for my husband. On friday my husband asked him if he wanted to part with one of the old chairs. The guy stated that he wasn't using both chairs and let my husband come get one of them. When I got home from the horse show last night, the chair was in my studio!

Today, in my new chair, I felt more at home than I have since Last December! I re-arranged the studio some and that feeling of comfort and creativity is back! I can't believe what a difference that damned old chair makes! HAHAHAHA! Just goes to show that "new" isn't always "better".

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