Monday, December 25, 2006

Setbacks that help one to move ahead..

This is the current pattern for my new antique saddle that has a mochilla.  In tooling this mochilla, I've found,
as usual, my original pattern is entirely too complicated. The lines are too close together for my current skill level. I am now re-doing my mochilla pattern.  IT will have one Flower and some leaves. It will also taper out in the front. I think that I mis-interpreted the mochilla pattern on my previous pattern.

I believe that I learned so much making this particular mochilla that I'm not too upset about having to start over. I did lose a week, but that loss of a week will help me streamline my pattern, and my process for making this saddle. Mistakes are not bad, they are wonderful opportunities for learning and growth!

More pictures to come when I get my new
pattern completed!


Merry Christmas to those that celebrate


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