Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wahoooo!!! North American Model Horse Nationals News

Congratulations to Robin Hudson and "Night Maneuvers"! Yesterday in the Saddleseat Class at the North American Model Horse Nationals, Robin's entry took FIRST place and Champion for the Second time! I made the tack on the horse so I get to celebrate along with Robin

IT was mentioned to robin that the snaffle rein, on the bridle, shouldn't be braided because "they don't use braided reins in Open classes". This is untrue. I have several photographs of top trainers riding their horses with not only laced snaffle reins, but BOTH sets of reins laced. When you show in model horses, Make sure you Know your stuff and stick to your guns!

I was going to post a photo of Robin's Entry from 2006 and a Photo of Rob Byers on "After Eight" showing the laced reins but Blogger isn't cooperating with me today!

See you at the Kentucky Horspark on Friday and Saturday!

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