Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current Works in Progress!

Above are in progress photos of a bridle that I am currently working on for A.V. The past couple of months, I've decided to do some trading to get some things that I've really wanted but can't currently afford. So thats why you're seeing some stuff pop up for specific people.
Anywho, this customer wanted some unorthodox colors and although I think it was going along rather "Spiffily" (Thats right, I said spiffily) she was right to change the rein color to something more traditional. See, I am a traditionalist when it comes to braided tack. I like the usual colors so I had to push myself to like the unorthodox colors that were first chosen. Once I did though, I was reall gung ho about it. but then we changed it to the above and I'm glad we did.
The other color for the reins was a dk royal blue. I can definitely see a fully braided bridle in that blue down the road though.
I'm still chugging away on my other blue, black and white bridle. I have the chinstrap on it right now but I'm not totally happy with it. It mimics a real Life Size bridle's chinstrap but Life Size doesn't always translate perfectly down to 1/8th scale.
I still need to find time to do the connector bar and the correct attachment for the reins.. but that'll be after I get everything else done! LOL!
RJ Has been entirely well this week! It's been wonderful for him AND me! He's been smiley and joyful and playful.. and I love that! HI steacher tells me that he LOVES to sit and color and paint and he uses more colors than the others in his class and is very good about picking the colors to use..
Of course, I'm secretly hoping that he'll be artistic like me so that I can nurture him into becoming an artist when he gets older, but I know I'll need to keep myself in check somewhat..
Over to the RIght I've added a link to a new Blog. It is the blog of my "aunt shelley" who is a jewelry artist. (art runs in our family!) She has amazing energy and has always been able to create the most wonderful things.. Her blog is brand new so please stop by if you have the time :-)

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