Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Progress! Whoot! And Halter for sale!

Some progress!  I came down with a Nasty Stomach Virus/Head Cold on Friday which made it look as thought I wasn't going to get anything accomplished in the studio this weekend.  Yesterday I felt like a bus hit me but today, after a lot of sleep, I was actually feeling a bit better.  Anthony was nice enough to watch RJ for an extended period of time while I etched silver and put things together.  I am most proud of the conchos on this halter.  LIke the last Arabian Show halter for the Stone Arabian Weanling, these halters are hand made.  Thanks to Vicky Norris who told me that she used Soldering "Helping Hands" .  I bought one and It's helped out my soldering tremendously!!

In that last picture that lead is sitting a little weird.. thats my fault.  Please don't hold it against the halter.

This halter has real silver Conchos, beads and a thin, hand etched plate across the nose.  They've all been coated to retard tarnishing.  It also has a roller buckle at the poll.  Lead is attached with a buckle and has a "stopper" at the end.  $80ppd to the lower 48. I DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY but you'll need to pay for shipping. :0)

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