Friday, November 04, 2011

A little bit of blah blah..

Just a few thoughts... 

Today is day one of Breeders Cup Day at Churchill Downs.. and I know it's not "Derby" but its still pretty wonderful to have a word class horse racing track 20 minutes from me... ONe of these years I'm going to go dang it!!  But for the time being, I'm watching the races via and putting in a little wager here and there.  I'm terrible at betting a horse race because I really just go with my heart..  By the way, if you didn't already know, I was married in the Churchill Downs Museum

I have changed around and monkeyed with my blog.  The old design that I had was outdated and Blogger told me to upgrade.  So I did. aaaaand I don't remember how I customized my old blog and I haven't had time to read up on how to customize my new one.  If you hate the new blog or if your browser hates the new blog, please let me know. I'm not married to the new design.

Again I'm working on changing around parts on my saddle.  Funny how one's "eye" matures as one gets older.  I was absolutely pleasantly shocked at the reception of my "practice" saddle.  Everyone really responded to the simple, understated lines and I'M SO GRATEFUL!  IT was so encouraging and I'm dying to make this reining saddle.  I've been trying to study sheridan style tooling and I think I have a decent grasp of it but it doesn't look quite right to me yet.. 

Anyway, Happy Friday!

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  1. greetings fellow hobbyist!! we're neighbors! yep I'm just across the river from you, here in Indiana. I live off of exit 4. Stop in and visit sometime!!!


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