Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mecate Lottery Information!

Every year, I'm trying to make a concerted effort to do a giveaway for something for those on my yahoo group, facebook page and blog. I really appreciate your continued support and I'd like to show my appreciation.

If you checked out my blog today (, you saw that I have a photo of the mecate up.  It is brown with sort of a yellowish/warm taupe color mixed in.  THe knots on either end are turks head knots, double interwoven with gold and brown. It is very soft and I think really pretty.  It is Breyer traditional sized.

It Is 100% free if you win. FREE. And that includes shipping. YEs, that includes shipping outside the US as well.. (love my international customers too!!)

I will start taking names NOW and draw the winning name on Thursday, March 22nd, in the evening sometime before 9pm est.  To do the drawing, I put everyone's name on a spreadsheet and that assigns them a number.  Then I go to the random number generator page and ask it to draw a number.  So it is entirely unbiased.


Please put "Mecate Giveaway Lottery" in the subject of your email to enter and send it to .

Please give me your name, phone number and address in the email.

If you are going to be out of town when the name is drawn and won't be back till after the drawing, then I need you to state that to me in case you win and I don't hear back from you.

You have 24 hours after your name is drawn to get back to me. If I don't hear from you within 24 hrs a runner up name will be drawn.

If you notoriously have problems getting email because your ISP is really tight on letting spam in, you can send to which is my alternate email addy.

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS - since my domain is small and it is a "v" domain it ends up in spam folders a lot.

THank you for all of your support throughout the year! I really, really appreciate you all!

Heather Moreton

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