Sunday, April 22, 2012


Bridle Won at Auction by Robin Smith.  Robin has been a supporter of mine almost since I started tack and I'm immensely grateful for her support.  Thank you Robin.

I have Caught the Performance bug. (My beautiful Matriarch painted by Carol Herself, with my beloved terry newberry saddle and my sheri wertz doll. Bridle by me)

My Bjalla Painted By Jennifer Danza, my Khan Painted by Steph Michaud, my Deseoso painted by Tracey Eilers and my Haute Aire painted by Chelsea Nichols.  All part of my beautiful Resin collection.

Haute Aire Painted by Chelsea Nichols  

OJ The Thoroughbred

Shamus the TB

OJ and Jared Lain

Heather Jackson Lain's Longtime Friend, Lady.

Yesterday I went to Model Horses Anonymous 4 in Athens, TN held by Heather Jackson Lain.  It was a really wonderful day and I was lucky enough to do well in Western Trail and in the Resin Halter Division.  I also got a NAN card in Parade so this means I have to either make a bridle for my susan b-y set to fit my Matriarch or go all out and make a parade set...

I went to the show by myself but when I arrived, I found that I was surrounded by very kind, very supportive Friends.  I'm so grateful for everyone that has helped me with my tack along the way and I want to thank Jennifer Bui for the very nice things she said about the things I make.  Thank you to Liz Cassel for helping me run horses to the ring as well..  Thank you to Heather and Jared for holding this show and letting me take pictures of your beautiful Horses.

  This weekend made me happy and Grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life and for all of the great folks that I have met through this hobby :-)

I Now can't WAIT for NAN!

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