Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Two Slots for Custom Halters (Or a set of reins) Available

Hi Folks!

I've found myself a bit financially embarassed so I'm going to offer two slots
for either a halter or a set of reins. Meaning, two different folks get one
slot and they are "allowed" to order a custom halter or a custom set of reins.
I should be able to complete these items by September at the Latest. (I have a
busy summer ahead as well as the 1 year anniversary of my Dad's death coming up
so I'm giving myself plenty of leeway)

A set of Braided Romel reins is $200
A Silver and Woven Knot western show halter is $170
A silver arabian show halter is $80

There are other options of halters to order but those above are my most popular

The only Stipulation is that you have to pay up front. I never ever do this to
folks but I really need some quick moola. (Some of the other things I had for
sale didn't sell)

For those folks that are somewhat new to my tack: It is Live Showable and
Museum Quality. People have successfully shown my tack at NAN to Championships
and Numerous top tens (in fact, my saddleseat bridles or sets have been NAN
champ or Reserve Champ for 3 or 4 years running) as well as Placing Highly at
the Breyerfest Show (which is exceptionally competitive)

I do not take orders, other than the occasional Slot (like now) that comes open.
The last time I took Orders of any kind was in 2009.

I am offering this to you guys and to my Desert night creations Facebook page
and blog.

I'm going to see how many people are interested and if it's more than two then
I'll hold a lottery so that everything is fair.

I accept paypal and money orders.

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