Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two TOp Tens!.........and a brain fart...

After a VERY long day Showing at The North American Model Horse Nationals (NAN) in Lexington KY, I'm thrilled to say that Managed to get two top tens out of three entries!  A top ten in CM/AR Western Trail (Stock horses) and CM/AR Western Pleasure (Stock horses)!  The saddle, should look familiar if you have been wonderful enough to have read my drivel for some time.  It is the "Anthony Saddle II" made in 2005.  I didn't have a true Western Pleasure Style Saddle of my own so Anthony was nice enough to let me borrow his. (With the Stipulation that I not sell it and that it goes back into it's case as soon as it gets home!)  The Bridle is new.  I figured that I would have less trouble with some nice black braided reins with some quick knots so thats what I made.

I think I would've done better in Parade if I had moved my breastcollar forward.  I think I knew that it went in front of the withers but the Jitters from NAN made me forget that.  OH well. there is always two years from now! LOL!

I proxy showed for my Good Friend, Karen Jensen and out of four OF horses she top tenned with three!  That Karen can pick a butt kicking OF!!!

I was even "good" in that managed to work a bit on some of my tack orders while waiting for my classes.

I was bad that I celebrated with Pizza but I will do a tremendous amount of walking today to make up for it. (or at least thats what I tell myself! LOL!)

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  1. Congratulations on your Top Tens, Heather! Both were well deserved. Don't worry, you'll kick butt with your parade entry next time. : )

    And a huge THANK YOU for showing my OFs. I'm tickled with their placings. : )


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