Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday I allowed anonymous comments because I got an email from someone a few weeks ago asking that I do so.  I had it set that way for a couple of hours and sure enough, spammers found me.  I've set it back to registered users.  I Hate spam and spammers and web harversters etc and I'm NOT having it on my blog.  So if you want to comment please, please, have some kind of registered username with google or openid. It's fast and free.


  1. For whatever it's worth, I allow anonymous I guess BUT instead my comments are set to by approval only. STILL spammers tricked me once, made it sound like an enthusiastic girl showing her photography website (groan eh?). ;) But if I hadn't been really daft & hasty that once, it's pretty much a foolproof way to allow anon comments and avoid spam nonsense...

  2. ok, in my haste and hatred of spammers I over-reacted a bit. You're right.. I didn't think about moderation.. maybe I'm a bit lazy? lol.. But you have a good point..thank you morgen for your wise counsel, as always :-)

  3. I must be lucky. I have had my blog for years, open to any sorts of comments, no moderation and no spammers. They found my website though and the guestbook. That has been removed...*sigh*

  4. Ann, they will FIND you... take my word for it. You'll say the right word or something & whoosh, they'll swoop in (probably key words like "photo" or something they use webcrawlers to find).

    Heather, there's a downside.. it's not the perfect solution, believe me! People (I've done this myself, embarrassingly enough 3-4x even!), will think they haven't submitted correctly & will retype their WHOLE comment & submit it several times again & again... Like I said, I've done it up to 4x myself on someone else's blog before I spied the WEEE TINY text that said "tx for your comments, they are subject to review before they will appear". You can't make that any clearer for the user too so it's a bit frustrating on both sides.

    Just should've shared that dark side of the coin w/ya! :D


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