Monday, March 18, 2013

Whats on my Workbench?

There is a thread on a Model Horse Hobby Forum that is in the "tackmaker section" called "whats on your workbench".  I think it's pretty much the best thread on the whole forum.  I love seeing other tackmaker's work and they inspire me to no end.  So... from left to right above:

My western pleasure saddle that I've temporarily put down until I get through the halter orders I took in Feb.  I intend to go back to it soon :-)

The next piece over is an OLD piece that I am going to redo.  It belongs to my friend Anna Tackett.  I have drug my feet on it because I can't decide if I'm going to keep the design of it as it is now, or completely revamp it so that it's more "correct" in my mind.  That is a constant struggle to me: Realistic or Artistic?  And because of that conflict, it's just kinda sat.

The Next Halter is for Robin Smith and I have some really fun ideas in mind for it :0)

The next piece is probably going to be a bitted kind of show bridle.  I think of Morgans or Saddlebreds or Warmbloods.  Since it's black, It'll a bit limited on how I can use it.

The next piece over was originally made to be the bridle to match the western saddle set but I've since changed my mind about it.  Eventually it'll be finished and sold.

The halter next to that is going to be a totally frivolous but fun sort of 4th of july halter.  No idea what I could use it for but I was very inspired by the blue dyed leather :-)

The reins over top of the halter are  set of reins I started, thinking they'd be a fun, quick project.. Nothing in my world is quick and easy.  I'm just kind of "like that".. so they'll sit and probably be the next piece for a giveaway.

And lastly are the bits and pieces for a braided bridle set for me.  I really love those colors and I had a great design in mind, but I've forgotten it now.. lol   Ah well. eventually though I'll finish all of those pieces.. I think...

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  1. Your work bench looks a lot like mine! I'm trying to finish up four different projects for a show on April


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