Monday, May 27, 2013

Trudging along...

I've not been in the studio as much here lately.  I'm not sleeping well due to muscle pain on my right side.  There has always been a slight disturbance due to pain in my sleep but the last three weeks has been really bad.  I'm trying to walk more and swing my arm so that those muscles are stretched out but of course, there is a period of time where those muscles have to be built up.  I'm also trying to figure out where in my schedule I can go back to yoga..  So I'm tired, and a bit emotinally worn out but I'm sure it'll pass in time.

Above is a customer order for Kay C. for a western show halter.  I'm really pleased with the Silver plates on this one.

I am trying to stay positive today and not be overly emotional about Memorial Day.  My dad was in the military and of course today would be a good day to visit his memorial.  I think I'm going to wait though until later in the week so that there won't be as many folks in the same place.

I hope that you have a nice memorial day and it's sunny where you are :)

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  1. Hang in there Heather. I am sorry about the pain of your dad not being here any longer.
    Memorial Day was a special day for all of us. Sad/happy, bittersweet.

    I love your halter!


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