Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday :)

I have now spent two weeks in my new studio and I love it in here.  It feels cozy, everything is a bit closer to me and I'm finding that I have more storage than I thought.  The lighting situation is working out and the cats are very happy on their "kitty clouds". (although they still would prefer to be ON me).

Above you'll see the bridle that I'm re-doing for Anna Tackett (she didn't ask.. I couldn't stand the old work I had attached to that bit so I am redoing her bridle with my better skills)  The reins are split reins, staying with the design of the original bridle.  I am considering doing more knots on the bridle but part of me likes the minimalism on the split reins. (they aren't romels after all..)  The bit is from a seller that used to be on ebay - Marsha WTT. (she has passed away since I bought it all those years ago though, sadly)

I am feeling more creative than ever.  I think that the surgery is finally helping and my hormones are finally calming the hell down.  I am much less depressed than I was.  In fact I didn't realize HOW down I was until this weekend.  There were other weird behaviors too.  I think that we humans forget how VERY in control our hormones are over our bodies.  I became obsessed with a certain kind of shirt (designer shirts too- couldn't be cheap shirts.. oh noo..);  Certain kinds of foods (Qdoba 24/7) and I was a bit.. ahem.. Flirtier than normal (read cougar! LOL!). My concentration is better now too.

I've decided to not play in the pool league over the summer. I really need more studio time and more photography time.  I'm seriously missing the horsepark and the polo etc etc..

Next weekend I'm going to Tennessee to attend Model horse Mania and my boys are coming with me.  We'll be visiting his folks on the way back home too.  It'll be nice to have company with me while I'm traveling.

 I'm hoping hoping hoping I'll have my good lens back too.  I broke it last October at the Akhal Teke Event. (Too excited taking pictures and I dropped it.. loL!)

I hope you're having a beautiful spring weekend.  Louisville Kicked off the derby festival yesterday with "Thunder over Louisville" and I'm certain I have derby fever :)

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better! On the reins, I would agree with keeping the minimalism... Thanks for the info on Marsha WTT, I did not know.
    Looking forward!


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