Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Is this thing on?"

I can't imagine that someone would be interested in what I
had to say, but I read an article about how to get one's self noticed on the web
and they swore this was the way.

I'm sure that some folks are saying "Why are you blogging
when you should be in your studio creating". Well.. yeah.. I wish! LOL!  I
do have a day job. I am an email administrator/support engineer for a small Web
and email hosting company.  Luckily, I do get to work from home.

Unfortunately my work doesn't sell well enough for me to
actually make a living with it. That and I'm "molasses slow" at creating things. 
This is in part to being too picky and because I have a lot of health issues. 
Nothing singularly debilitating, but I do have a lot of aches and pains in my
hands and shoulders and I do get a lot of headaches.  Lately I've also been
having a lot of stomach trouble.  Ah the joys of getting older...

What I make is art that seems to straddle two markets. 
Model Horses or Equine Miniatures and Home Decor Pieces.  When making tack
for model horses, I have to consider practical application.  When Making
tack for display, Anything goes really.

For those that care - I've been published in Three
magazines relating to Equine Miniatures and I run three websites.  Two of
my own and one for a friend.

This is my art site

- this is my collection and reference
site. I don't work on it often enough for it to be a "real contender" but it's
nice to have a site to 'Play with".

is the site that I maintain for my friend
Nancy Wagner. Nancy paints equine miniatures as well as making  modern type

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  1. Your on and I read ya loud and clear!
    Took a look at your work and although I never knew this kind of stuff existed!
    I like it!
    I've always thought that gear like this for full size use would be hard to make... I can't imagine what work these miniatures must be!


Thanks for saying so!