Thursday, April 27, 2006


Today I went to get my Western Saddle Set back. The Folks at the museum were very complimentary of my work-Stating that lots of people oogled my saddle but obviously no one really wanted to buy it. Funny that it was too expensive for people to buy yet too cheap to earn a living wage for me. They asked for more of my work which thrilled me to death. I was afraid that once I got down there that they'd say "Uh, take this POS away.".

As always the walls at the
Museum of Art and Craft

were packed with amazing handicrafts. I wish I
could win the lottery and then go shopping there!!!  I also wish that they had a bigger budget for advertising and for web development. No words can adequately
express the amazing treasures found within it's walls.

My saddle is still in great shape though. Almost as pristine as when I made it.. Only two pieces of silver tarnished on it, both were conchos. (I must've missed those..).

I did notice that the seat sat crooked. The saddle is now sitting in my studio, in pieces.. I'll be working to put it back together satisfactorily after taking it apart to fix what I considered were it's flaws. Some totally new pieces will have to be made. I'm considering scrapping it because I think I can do better now.. but I don't think it's a crappy piece... I've just advanced.

I think the tooling is a lovely pattern. I want to try the pattern again but tool it more this time. I'm considering changing the silver plates on it.

All of the silver conchos will have
to be re soldered onto pins so that I can put them back into the saddle. I am
TERRIBLE at soldering.. I hope I have some fromRio already sitting around <G> ( bless you gary deal)

I'm working on another Double bridle for my close friend Anna. THAT is coming along great... it served to boost my confidence today before I tore into the western saddle..

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