Sunday, March 04, 2007

Exhausted... Mentally

I'm exhausted mentally this week. I think it's because my regular job has been more demanding than usual. It's just worn me out this week. Last night, after making yet ANOTHER dang cinch for my mother hubbard/californio saddle, I decided to clean out the studio. I have materials that I always "thought" I would use but never have. I have a VERY bad habit of buying things that LOOK useful. I think thats the earth sign portion of my personality. I very much like useful, practical things. The things that I have accumulated over time sort of mark when I was in my art when I bought them. Some of them are no longer useful to me because I've moved past the point of needing them, or some of the things were bought for a certain idea that now no longer holds interest to me.

I"m going to photograph it and sell anything that my close friends don't want. This should be even more exhausting but will be "Free-ing" to get out of the studio!

The picture I have up is the finished picture of the Mother Hubbard/Californio set. People that understand what I was trying to do really like it, and that makes me happy :-)

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