Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not a lot of progress

Well, the last few weeks I've been very busy at work which has exhausted me by the time I get off of work. This means, unfortunately, that I haven't gotten a lot accomplished.

I even lost a piece of the Romel reins that I was working on for two days, only to find it after I had started over.(SOOO frustrating). The good news is that I did successfully do a tiny brown interwoven knot last night on that part however. That is always progress for me!
The Green interwoven/silver halter was a Rousing Success on ebay! I was so flattered and pleasantly shocked that it went for $270 u.s. at auction! What a thrill for a miniature tackmaker! I hope that the next one I offer will go for as much and be as popular.
The Picture above shows a Donation for the NAMHSA Region 10 Regionals in Buffalo, NY. My husband's family is originally from up that way so I have a soft spot in my heart for that area of the country. I don't do very many donations over the course of the year because I just don't have the time and the stress of too strict a deadline makes me anxious. (The brown interwoven halter is the donation and the green one on the horse in the background was the one that sold so well on ebay.)
I rarely have more than one of anything finished and laying around here so I decided to take a picture when I did.
Today I'm exhausted because I wasn't feeling well over-night. I guess I ate something yesterday that didn't quite agree with me so I woke up several times... Of course I've been craving mexican food through the last part of my pregnancy here so It's probably my own fault! HA!
I am utterly exhausted today though (practice for when the baby comes), I'll definitely need a nap after work.
The baby has been doing what I call "the jig" or "the riverdance" lately. It's interesting to me how over time, his kicks and arm flailings get stronger and stronger. Not long now until he comes into the world and I have a whole new set of things to obsess over..
We are finally getting a lot of rain here. We are down 10 inches for the year which is known as an "extraordinary" drought. Overnight We've gotten 4 inches so that should help the water table. I feel deeply upset for the farmers here in Kentucky who make a living off of the land. It must be a very rough year for them.
The Creek that had been almost dry in our back yard is now very swollen and has gotten past it's banks. We should be fine however as long as there is no flash flooding.
As a completely silly side note, I've become a "Farscape" fan. I've been streaming it a bit over the last few days and although I find some of the plots rather predicatable, I find the show very imaginative. All hail Jim Hensen!

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  1. Oh, another Farscape fan! Yes, I know I'm commenting on something from October. :) Hope you're doing well with the new baby. I remember the first month or so with ours (well, sort of remember - I swear, I lost more brain cells with pregnancy, and they still haven't come back.)


Thanks for saying so!