Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shhh.. baby's sleeping!

Finally! I was able to get my son down for a nap for a decent amount of time! He's been very awake lately and staunchly resisting naps. He really likes to look around and see stuff and feel new things with those little hands :o). He's learned to take the pacifier out of his mouth with his hands but he hasn't learned to put it back in yet. He also has learned to smile every time I smile at him which is just heart warming..

Today I posted a western show halter with interwoven turks head knots on ebay. Please go to see it. (or it bid!) (you can also see a picture of it above). I really hope it is as successful as the last halter that I had for sale cause I need the moola!

I made a bit of headway on the mother hubbard bosal but I found taht I'm pickier about the knots that I'm making so I've had to do a few over. (and over and over...) I'll post pictures of that as soon as it's at a stage where I'm happy with it.
I did find another design for a spade bit that I think I should be able to do. I found it on ebay (home to everything I've ever wanted but didn't know that I needed)

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