Friday, May 02, 2008

Kentucky Derby Week!

Normally, I'm very INTO Kentucky Derby Week. I'm very proud that I live in Louisville, KY and that all eyes are on us once a year for this prestigious horse race. Although I have my "issues" with the horse racing industry, I set those aside for the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby.

This year though, because of Mr Boy, I've been somewhat "out of it". I barely know who's running although I did pick some horses to root for. Big Brown, Colonel John and Eight Belles.

It poured rain today before the Oaks and made the track sloppy so a long shot came in. Thats part of the fun of horse racing, you never know what will happen.

On Derby Saturday, I never ever go to a Derby Party and anyone that is not a horse lover is allowed to come to my house. I find that "regular" people want to *gasp* TALK to me while the TV talks about horses. How annoying...! I just want to watch the coverage of the Races and of the various Derby Contenders without having to make small talk with someone about something other than horses.

I also refuse to leave the house for any reason. The one year that I agreed to give a lift to someone ("I swear it'll only take an hour!" they said...) to their mother's house, I found, after going to said friend's mother's house that she in fact, did not own a tv. You can imagine how peeved I was.

On the miniatures front, I started on the headstall for the braided bridle for my Mother Hubbard II set. it's wrong.... just all wrong.. Tomorrow I'm going to have to cut it off of the bit and start over. I had a couple of techniques in mind but they turned out too bulky and I didn't like the look.. then I thought I had a decent design but it's just not.. At least I have the weekend to work on it though while I watch the races.

Lastly, the picture of the Beautiful Horse Above was taken at the Rock Creek Spring Horse Show that I went to last week. It's not "After Eight", the horse pictured in my last blog post, but it's another beautiful black horse.. I didn't catch it's name though. I think that a few horses that showed there were not Saddlebreds. I don't think that the horses that showed were required to be a Saddlebred but I'm not sure about that. The horse above does not look "Saddlebred-y" to me but I'm not an expert.
I'm not finished with resizing the pictures from the show but as soon as I do I'll let people know.

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  1. I've been so distracted by car problems and severe weather worries(we had TWO tornadoes come through our city last Thursday night/early Friday AM, one of which passed only a few miles to our east! Eeek!), that I completely forgot about the Derby until yesterday. O_O Ususally I'm pumped about it weeks in advance.

    I'm rooting for Eight Belles just because she's a filly, and Pyro because he has the same name as one of my favorite Marvel villains. :D

    I hear you on tack projects just being "wrong" no matter what you do. I have a stock show halter that's fighting me tooth and nail and I need to get the darn thing done by Sunday night...


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