Saturday, April 26, 2008


Above is a picture of this Gorgeous Young Three Gaited Saddlebred that I Saw today at the 2008 Rock Creek Spring Horse Show. The Person riding him is Rob Byers, owner of Premier Stables in Simpsonville, KY. I know him vicariously through my friend, Robin Hudson, who rides there. Rob is an accomplished Saddlebred trainer and has trained numerous champions. No doubt this amazing black horse will be another one!

Robin and I Spent a couple of lovely hours, sneezing and having our eyes water because of the high pollen count while watching the show. It was worth it though :-)

I took this picture with my New Cannon EOS 40D camera and my new zoom lens. It's been a LONG LONG time since I've used a 35mm type of camera, let alone one as wonderful as this one. I still have a lot to learn such as how many pictures I can take with the "Sports" setting shooting multiple shots. The good part is that you have many chances to get a good photo. The bad part is that you can get a lot of bad photos. I took 434 photos and I'd say that less than half are satisfactory. This is of course the Photographers fault ;-)

I am still going through my photos and I'll let everyone know when I post the rest of them online, on my photo site:

Recently on a sales site for model horses I saw a beautiful braided bridle in Model horse scale braided by someone who normally braids regular size tack and things. The site stated that the braider did not use "glue" to keep the knots together. This got me thinking, do people think that I use glue on my knots because I feel as though they will come unraveled? I don't use glue, but I do coat my knots so that they'll hold up to years of wear and tear and also so that they'll stay clean when touched. Whenever possible, I finish my knots as instructed in braiding books but I feel as though that if someone pays good money for my work, it had better hold up! That is one way that I can insure it does regardless of treatment. I hope people that buy my work understand this.

Mr Boy's schedule is being ironed out and things are going better. The feeding part of the schedule has definitely worked itself out. The Nap part I'm still working on. His Naps are still erratic and he takes at least three a day. Sometimes each nap is at least 2hrs and sometimes they're only 45 minutes.

Tonight his temperature was up a little so my husband and I decided to forgo our walk. It was a warm day outside earlier and we don't want to raise it up any further. He's happily in his bouncer, kicking away at me right now and complaining that I'm not giving him enough attention.. I guess this means I better stop typing now..


  1. what do you coat your knotwork with? I was trying to think of something that would both protect and be non-yellowing. I come from more of a remaking background, so my experience is various fixatives.

  2. You can email me privately alicia: I tried to find an email address for you but I couldn't.



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